Friday, June 21, 2013

Tech (cont'd) Shows 4 thru 7

Play #4 includes Shane Regan, Shawn Belyea and Troy Lund. Though all the guys are a joy to watch, this is the first 14/48 I've been apart of where Shawn, one of our 14/48 founders, has been part of the acting roster. Over the years though, he's participated in four out of the five disciplines multiple times Only Tim Moore has done as many. No one yet has done all five. Interestingly, I think he's playing a director in this play.

Shane asks, "Do you have the worms?"Aimée, the director, says they're in the fridge.. for later. Hm.. I'm guessing gummy worms weren't used.. exciting! Real bait!

Play #5 involves an electric chair, dropping "trou", but according to Brandon, the director, "not total trou" because that makes a difference, possibly some killer "super sperm" and Japanime sound effects. Ooh! So far, this bodes well.

Omg.. I think dinner should be ready.. and my tummy is growling. It may well be time to justify some wine.

(I've retrieved food - pasta salads, something awesome with that fantastic organic squash they were talking about, fried chicken, rolls, salad.. and a COOKIE! Nom nom nom.. excuse me for a second..)

OK.. that helped.

Play #6 - Whoops - the ASM comes in and says they don't have all the set pieces for the next show. Again, nothing worries Dani. It'll all get addressed. The run crew mimes putting 'something' in place.. whatever it is. They're helpful and talented too!

The play starts with a daughter and mother bickering here and there and turns somewhere just after the middle into something a little unexpected and touching. Aww.. sweet.

Play #7 promises to end the show with some class. Finally. Wigs, skirts and crowns abound with the largest cast, being five, of the whole night. Oh and KAZOOS! AGAIN! YAY!

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