Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Devil is in the Details

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Cats and Dogs, here is your Saturday night Artist Roster!

Act 1
Play 1: The Ceremony by Kate Jaeger
Directed by Debra Pralle
Cast: Caitlin Frances, Jillian Vashro, Linda Clemon-Karp, Sydney Andrews

Play 2: Alfred by Holly Arsenault
Directed by Maria Glanz
Cast: Amelia Meckler, Wonder Russell, Sam Read

Play 3: My Cat from Hell by Dave Clapper
Directed by Ian Bell
Cast: Shellie Shulkin, Hannah Schnabel, Catherine Kettrick

Play 4: The Importance of Beauty by John Farrage
Directed by Justin Alley
Cast: David Nail, Daniel Wood, Rebecca M. Davis, Emily Grogan

Act 2
Play 5:  Hot Tub by Brandon Jepson
Directed by Agastya Kohli
Cast: Cody Smith, Erin Pike, Meaghan Halverson, Zach Adair

Play 6:  Oscar Clyde Denman by Jennifer Jasper
Directed by Allyson Soma
Cast: Rachel Glass, Rob MacGregor

Play 7: Kids. Today. by Nik Perleros
Directed by Julia Griffin

Cast: Mark Waldstein, Sydney Tucker, Sandra Ponce, Ashley Marshall, Hannah Mootz

Let's go make some plays!

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