Friday, June 28, 2013

dear diary, i have a crush on this guy...

the band revs up

Dear Diary,

I have a huge crush on this guy named Tim Moore and will do anything he tells me, including making my blog posts like diary entries.  ;-)

Tim is here helping out the band as they warm up and get going.  I'm seeing singers doing vocal warm ups and hearing tuning going on.  I hear C, D, G, E, C, D, G, E...while the strings play along.

The sheer variety of music they are preparing for us is just fantastic.  If you want to know WHAT they're playing, you'll have to come to the show tonight.  What?  I'm already letting you read my diary.  A girl needs to have a few secrets!

I will tell you this:  I overheard Erin Bryn Fetridge saying, "There will be a lot of strutting and hot, sexy numbers."

That's all for now.

(insert swirly autograph with a little heart at the end.)

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