Saturday, June 29, 2013

at the intersection of altruism and misanthropy

These are the guys that are feeding us.  Just before dinner last night, they were utterly exhausted and still rallying to bring food.  This crew is hungry and more food was needed so plans were made to rush out and get more.  They made sure there were plenty of vegetables, tofu for the vegans and a bit of comfort food for everyone.  It was hot and the ice kept miraculously appearing in the bowl and the coolers.

They were back at it this morning in full force with a huge spread of breakfast goodness.

There is a deep level of generosity of spirit here with a  wee sprinkling of misanthropic neurosis.  It's pure perfection and the outcome takes the awesomeness factor up to 11.

(Also, there's Mackelmore and the Black Keys to keep them company while they toil on our behalf)

What I'm noticing here at 14/48 is that the entire experience is fueled with altruism.  Well, that and Ezelle's fried chicken.

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