Saturday, June 29, 2013

Right to the Edge and Over

Until now, I've been missing the timing on sitting in on a rehearsal of Nic Perelos' Kids. Today. After talking to Mark Waldstein at lunch, I knew that I couldn't miss this one. Mark called this the show to end them all. "Like, right to the edge before they close us down."

Director Julia Griffin wins the undying love of her cast by promising an hour break so they can take a nap if they can just get through a couple more run-throughs. Oh, but the director's meeting is coming up! Change of plans: I get to watch them work the part there they take all their clothes off. Hello, Show 7!

"After all three of you are out of the womb, I don't give a fuck what happens to the blanket," she tells them after working out some naughty business, and she's off to the meeting.

I keep watching as the cast does a run through. Oh, there is lots of naughty business. Really naughty business. Really hilarious, ridiculous and really naughty business. And then there are the consequences. Immediate consequence. Three of them. And then...oh, god.  I think you need to see this for yourself.

And I think I've seen enough to make me blush.

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Kymberlee said...

I love the challenge of something to make me blush. I think I'll stay away from tech for this one so I can be surprised and all blushing tonight.