Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seven Shell Shocked Playwrights Are Slowly Heading Out the Door

The Virgin John Farrage drew Play 7 (with five women) and admits to being terrified.  He says that he has a germ of an idea. He mutters something about crows and is on his way.

The Virgin Holly Arsenault, also terrified, has no idea whatsoever what she's going to do yet, but is sticking with the advice that she's given in the past.  And I paraphrase: it's not all up to you to make it a good play. It's easy to get perfectionist, especially under these heightened circumstances, but just go home and do the work." (Ok, Holly really said that so much more eloquently than I did.) 

The Virgin Kate Jaeger is "scared poopless" and says she has too many ideas. She's been advised to go with her first one and she's eager for the band meeting to wrap up so that she give her friend a ride and get crackin'. And she may have spilled beer on her boob.  (I feel ya, my large-chested sister!) 

Now git to work!

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