Saturday, June 22, 2013

Play #4 Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

The minute I walk into rehearsal for playwright Ashley Bagwell's freshmen effort of the weekend I am laughing.
Wayne Rawley, Troy Fischnaller and Sam Hagen are trying to execute a full back roll. Wayne is having trouble with it. Troy suggests a hilarious solution to the problem. I hope it shows up in the show.
What strikes me about director Aimee Bruneau is that she lets her actors GO. She gives them the framework and let's them play. But then when it moves away from the vision in her head she has no problem saying "I don't think that's funny to end it that way" and a conversation begins on how to button it up right.

Pterodactyl eggs are mentioned.
This could be one of those shows with a stellar cast that's over confident and manages to screw the pooch because they know it's funny.
Nicky Silver's play Pterodactyl is mentioned. Aimee said it was hard to build that skeleton on stage but she loved it.
And with that, we know this play isn't going to fall victim to the easy bit.

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