Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bits & Bobs

Jonah Von Spreecken and Cole Hornaday getting into their roles.
Jim Jewell walks through the mainstage area and shouts, "Jose, the two words that describe my character today? Lovable asshole!"
Jose replies, "Hey.. it's not a stretch!"

Rachel Atkins: "I get to dress marionettes today! So I'm super duper excited!"

Lyam White while directing, "No one will realize it has as many words in it as it actually does."

Lyam continues, "Nature is filled with uncollapsable paradoxes and you have to leave them where they are."
Jeff Page says, "Yeah, you don't have to bring Spock back." And to me, "You know what we're talking about right? Have you ever seen a little movie called Star Trek? I mean we don't want to lose you here."

Lyam: "I want to go with something that smells a little like fascism."

Kathy Hsieh directing her actors, "So when he's feeling around your mouth.. it's ok to use your tongue and really enjoy it and it's ok to vocalize your enjoyment."
Cole Hornaday replies, "Oh, I was. I mean the tongue thing. I don't need to work on that." Chuckles. And Kathy adds, "You know.. porn movies? It's all the vocalizations that go with giving someone a blowjob.. I want you to go there."
Cole, "We could do research right now!" and a little later, Jonah Von Spreecken says to Cole, "Work the shaft!"

Ooh this one will be interesting..

And then Michael Mowery walks in with a sort of antique looking dentist's apparatus that holds a bunch of tools. I hope they use some antiseptic with those! Amazing! Where do they get these things?!

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