Friday, June 28, 2013

Ready for Anything, Except Being a Man

The cast and director for Play #7 are hovered around a tablet watching videos of drag kings. Director Alyson Soma lets me know that they're in the information gathering phase of their crazy, quick, crazy-quick process.

"It's all about the boxers.  We've learned something here."

This is the second rehearsal that I've sat in where there was been protracted discussion of underwear, so this week's costume designers have really lucked out. The cast splits into pairs and solos working on bits of choreography and learning songs and (gasp) monologues. One cast member reaches down the front of her pants and produces a pair of socks. Their director moves among them looking at what they're working on, having small discussions, offering praise, and moving on. 

This is the one that will end the night and the audience is getting the big finish that they deserve.  Be there at 8 or 10:30 tonight.  Or might want to see it twice.

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