Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Video from Leicester

Need to get yourself pumped for 14/48: Kamikaze and All Virgins, check out this amazing video from the UK contingent of 14/48.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nathan Human on 14/48: Leicester

Nathan Human shares some thoughts in the aftermath of 14/48: Leicester. I'm sure many a veteran will nod her/his head while reading this.

I Might Have Told You This Already

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fact:  Geographical topography of the Leicester is that of a large bowl. It is physically easier to get into the city than it is to leave.  In the middle ages it was referred to as the Graete Hott Tubbe.
FACT: Queen Elizabeth I's personal favored courtier, Robert Dudley, who the Queen had one time thought of marrying, and who has been named and known as her possible lover for centuries, was given the Earldom of Leicester.

Balls out.

Rehearsal at the Y

  So much tea, always tea!

Prototypical Band Shot #26

I heard to actors saying they were going to go "balls out" on their show. I made me so proud.

Also heard: "If this pineapple doesn't explode, I'm going to kill myself." 

What's going down.

It's early morning. Saturday. Scripts are coming in. I gave the writers a challenge last night and asked them to  see if they could write plays without sofas, desks or tables.One sarcastic bastard has a person sitting on the floor with a laptop saying 'This is Heaven. You're on a cloud, why would I have a desk? I love these people.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fact: Leicester is mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae, written around 1136. According to Monmouth's pseudohistorical work a mythical king of the Britons King Leir founded the city of Kaerleir ('Leir's chester' – i.e. fortified town). Today the name of the city in the Welsh language is Caerlลทr.
Leir was supposedly buried by Queen Cordelia in a chamber beneath the River Soar near the city dedicated to the Roman god Janus, and every year people celebrated his feast-day near Leir's tomb.
William Shakespeare's King Lear is loosely based on this story and there is a statue of Lear in Watermead Country Park.

And...we're off!

A sizable and very enthusiastic audience, just in time for all the parts to fall together.
This afternoon I had doubts. Honestly, in the middle of tech today I thought this was going to be a disaster.

I talk about believing in the people.
I preach-ify about the having faith in the process.

But right now, I fully buy it. I feel like a virgin 14/48'd for the very first time.
And no I'm not drunk.


Ten minutes to the 7:00 meeting. Tech is done. Liz our SM is awesome. I wish I could tell you more about the shows, but frankly I can't understand a word anyone is saying.
 I have never seen a 14/48 with more tables and sofa's on stage.
I'm not sure if they are filling between each transition and they will be long, long transitions.
But they are starting the show with G.M.'s Faith. So I'm sure it will all work out.
I'm getting a beer.
FACT: A few months ago the remains of Richard III were discovered last year under the car park of Leicester’s Greyfriars Church, just three blocks away.

   Q: How did they know he was buried there?
   A:  Just a hunch

   A Richard III joke, told by no one.
FACT:  1992 saw the formation in Leicester of Cornershop, an Anglo-Asian agit pop band, who became most famous for the 1998 Number 1 single "Brimful of Asha"

We got plays and the plays have people.

By Alison Dunne
Directed by Nathan Human
Stuart Reid
Amy Christer
Abby Roberts

Dangerous Cravings
By Rob Gee
Directed by Wenna Stockdale
Mark Jardine
Vanessa Summers
Christine Hood
Kerri Brown-Wooster

By Louise Singleton
Directed by Lindsey Warnes-Carrolll
Jennifer Welright
Isha Khan Jackson

By Alex Bliss
Directed by Becci Hooper
Lawrence Ward
Tonia Campbell
Kirsti Munroe

The Pineapple Incident
By Jayne Lewis
Directed by Richard Jaques
Emma Banford
Allan Smith
Mike Brown

Blue lights, Orange Skies
By Andy Reeves
Directed by Charlotte Bond
Pamela Cole-Hudson
Matthew Heseltine

A Mother’s Love
By Bev Handcock-Smith
Directed by Dave Parkin
James Kerr
Bob Christer
Claire Cogan

UK Style

Now that's tapping a keg.

Judy and Sean will be helping out with the Actor draw

The Theme is "Dangerous Cravings"

It is eight o'clock am. The scripts are in. There is someone in a pig and chicken costume.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two Blogs, no waiting.

FACT: Leicester is known for the invention of the Banana Split in The time of the Tudors. It is hardly recognizable to the modern incarnation as it was originally comprised of scoops of blood pudding, a sausage split in half and a healthy dollop of treacle. (for the kiddies)

If you wish for some much more competent blogging with a less of an American slant I highly recommend going to:

they got the real goods.

C'mon down to the...

FACT:  Built in 1900, The Y is the oldest surviving theatre in Leicester. 

View from the stage.

it's actually a YMCA. There are 49 residents living upstairs, a gym downstairs and a beautiful 300 seat theater with a bar in the middle.

We are a little shy on actors with some late minute bailouts (down to 20), but i feel that only gives the ones participating a real quality weekend.  I will not be acting. Repeat.  I will not be acting.

Ham-fisted missives and misguided observations from an idiot abroad.

Greetings from Leicester.
Located in the Midlands Leicester is England's 16th largest metropolis.  Hopefully, we can use this blog to vicariously enjoy the 14/48 experience and maybe we can all learn about a different culture as well. Learning can be fun!!

FACT: All of the cities in England are named after cheeses. I mean, how great is that? It’s like the founding fathers were sitting around thinking “Well this area is runny and pungent, let’s name it Leicester.”

FACT: There are over 47 townships in England named Cheddar.