Monday, September 22, 2008

The Mayor Totally Digs Us

As do Michael Killoren and Lori Patrick of the Mayor's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, two really nice folks who made us feel right at home at OUR Seattle City Hall. Kudos to Peggy Lycett at Seattle Channel who shot and edited the video.

Enjoy 5 minutes of a nice little 14/48 kudos right here.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Of Course I Stayed Too Late


You should know that the 14/48 crew delivered a solid evening of top shelf work, you shoulda seen it. Each play had numerous stand out moments and performances, and listing them all, fuggedaboudit, I gotta work in the morning.

Thank you for reading, keep checking back as there are still more stunning pictures to put up, a couple more videos, and I will be giving birth live on this blog in the very near future. Look for the Name the Baby competition.

Major league thanks to Rob and Gina, who did some amazing work this weekend; Kerri Brown-Wooster and Deb Fialkow for general kick-ass-ery; Alex Samuels and Karen Jo Fairbrook for feeding all of us. And kudos to everyone from the running, design, tech crew to the actors, directors and writers from both weekends in maintaining the quality experience of the festival while transitioning to a new location.

Some final items for you:

Number of costumes checked out from the costume shop (representing both Seattle Shakespeare and Book-It), Sunday night alone: 63

It was revealed on Friday that 14/48 International now has a new location to add to its roster. Islamabad, Pakistan now joins London, England and...Is there another? I want to say there is, but oh well.

Here, however, is a video of the kids in Islamabad doing their bit:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Finished Just In Time

Okay, the 8:00p is about an hour away, and the plan is everyone in the Black Box for the 7p meeting...

And we're back.

There's more to come, there are a few more things to post, but the bulk of the gig is done. I got caught in my own version of 14/48 madness, but am finishing today feeling pretty tops.

"And the day is won!" - line spoken by Annette Toutonghi

"1st Show: Opening Night Energy! 2nd Show: Closing Night Energy! And if you're feeling tired? Raise the stakes!" - traditional call and response, created by Mazen Award Winner Shelley Reynolds.

Actor Check In: Deneice Bleha & Marty Mukhalian

Then you get to work with people like these two.

I'll just let them speak for themselves.

Tech Check In: Dante Olivia-Smith

You need good tech people.

There's just no other way to put it.

In Seattle, the good ones end up becoming quite well-connected people. By gaining a reputation, demand is such, that the trajectory is consistently moving upward.

Which is why it's bittersweet to see one go.

So, yeah, Dante, what can be said? All of the above applies, now add direct, not meek, and fucking gets the job done. She once spent a few hours replicating a Picasso and did it so well, the playwright wanted to own it.

Later, skates.

Checking in with Brian Stricklan

Each script requires a certain number of items in order to create the world they're living in, so, there needs to be someone who isn't designing the sets or running around putting costumes together to simply focus on the gathering of those items.

This is where your prop wrangler comes in. Need a hacked off arm? How about a vintage Esquire magazine? No? Oh, you need a blackboard welcoming back the class of '88 on one side, and a large penis drawn on the other side.

Well, talk to Brian Stricklan, he may have answers for you:

Checking in with Aaron LaPlant

As mentioned in the weekend's first entry (which feels like it was written months ago), the nervousness afflicts each artist participating in 14/48 in a manner unique to the individual.

Here Aaron Laplant explains what his nervousness comes down to:

Later, there will be pictorial evidence of other things Aaron had to overcome on top of his fear...

Pulling A Spott

A large part of the machinations of 14/48 is the random nature of everything. A random theme is drawn, random cast assignments (i.e. 2 men, 3 women) are given to the playwrights, the directors pick their play and their cast at random.

Given this, and chaos being what it is, there are times when certain patterns emerge, and you'll have a weekend where an actor will get cast as a hobo from Kankakee with a penchant for flashing on both nights.

Okay, not really, because that'd be kind of lame, but you get the idea.

Here then is Shawn Belyea explaining the models of the handful of patterns that have emerged over the years.

Item: "Artists" Freak Out Tourists

A group of actors had decided to take up space in the hallway outside the Center House Theater for rehearsals, which featured some loud moaning and wailing. Going through the gauntlet a couple simply walking around the Center House with their children, they took tenuous steps as their children tried to get as far away from the weirdly clad group as possible.

Other Images From Day One

Kudos once again to Rob Jones, Gina Jen and Deb Fialkow for their work on photography this weekend. A stellar job all around, and leaving me truly grateful that I didn't have to supply my amateurish nonsense taken with my rinky dink camera.

As always, click on the photograph to get a larger image. Here goes:

Gordon Carpenter and Chris Bell rehearsing Ki Gottberg's Oooh, Great One.

Senator Winkler in a compromising position. (Glen Hergenhahn's Giant Expectorants)

Jodi-Paul Wooster-Brown, 14/48 co-founder, being interviewed by the Seattle Channel.

Erin Kraft and Julie Westlin-Naigus deciding whether they will or won't (Marcy Rodenborn's The Girl With The Polka Dot Panties).

Jason Marr, Michael Katt, Shawn Belyea and Shawnmarie Stanton sharing a slightly uncomfortable ride in Kathy Hsieh's Four Three Men and a Woman(?).

Darian Lindle is a little pre-occupied while Richard Ziman talks with the stage manager about his show's requirements.

Bill Higham as a just turned 33 Jesus. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, couldn't be helped. Lisa Viertel is giving him his cake. (Brendan Healy's Doubt)

No caption necessary.

An expectant Shawn Belyea (Kathy Hsieh's Three Men and a Woman (?))

Kate Jaeger looks on as Roy Stanton goes through the alphabet. (Becky Hellyer's Family Night)

ITEM: Missing Bench

For the second weekend straight, the bench right outside the Center House goes missing.

Who in the world needs a park bench badly enough and for a short enough period of time that it inevitably returns not long after it goes missing?

What the hell people?

Write The Speech Which Will Be Spoken

You'll note that I'm not spending a lot of time with the playwrights of 14/48. It isn't because their job isn't important, quite to the contrary, their job is just as vital to the success of 14/48 as any other aspect of the show.

It's just that their schedule doesn't really match up with the rest of the team. Think of it, they get their assignments anywhere from 9:30p to 10p the night before the plays are due, when do you think they're doing that work?

By and large, it's in the wee hours of the morning, with a couple of exceptions (writer Scot Auguston famously gets up early in the morning and writes his then).

I managed to catch Heidi Heimarck on her way out the door after the day's first read-through and casting session.

A Silent Oasis

As you can imagine, once the day has begun, it's pretty much gogogo from one event to the next, right up until it's time for the show to go up. And then, only then, do you really have the time to let go and relax a little.

There is one exception to this rule: The first hour of the band's day.

Tech And Shows: Before The 3p Director's Meeting

There are a number of ways a rehearsal period begins, whether it’s a silent read through/memorization period. Or a feeling out session.

A direct stumbling through.

Or a rap session about what exactly the director sees with the characters in the piece.

Sooner or later, however, there are going to be some disruptions. One of the more important of these is the music session. The band splits up and each member takes a show. They then visit with the director and discuss ideas for what kind of musical coverage the piece needs.

The band then gets together to discuss the various shows and what it is that they will need to rehearse for the remainder of the day.

Got that? Now, multiply it by seven.

So Much Theater...

It can't be stated enough: All thanks have to go to Theater Puget Sound, Book-It Theater and Seattle Shakespeare Company for their magnanimous help and cooperation, which allowed 14/48 to perform at the Center House for the last couple of weekends.

As it happens, SSC is at this very moment doing their Free Shakespeare in the Parks programs just down the street from the Center House at the Fisher Pavillion. Today's offerings: Romeo + Juliet, directed by George Mount at 2p and A Midsummer Night's Dream, directed by Vanessa Miller at 6p.

Here's a sign of SSC's gracious hospitality: John Bradshaw, SSC's Managing Director, and who really shouldn't be here, just dropped off a big tray of cookies for the 14/48 gang to share. He was on his way to see his company's productions.

Thank you, sir, for everything!

7/26 "Kicking A Habit" - Other Shows

ITEM: Ran into Marty Mukhalian on her way back to rehearsal after a costume run. "I'm in an amazing play today!"

Knowing Marty, I decided to go drop in on their rehearsal and found the door to the theater to be locked. This is largely due to the security measures that TPS has for that rehearsal room, which doubles as their public black box space; I'm going to treat it as if they're trying to keep their little play under wraps, however.

Portions of the play Marty's in (Ki Gottberg's Horror Habit, directed by JD Lloyd, and also featuring Megan Ahiers, Betsy Schwartz, Paula Sjunneson, and Heather Roberts) have not been leaked to the public, no one knows what's going to happen in this peace, but I understand it features both horrors and habits.

ITEM: I did get a chance to drop in on rehearsals for Kathy Hsieh's Oh, What A Relief It Is, directed by Lisa Confehr. It features a dissolute family, each member of which (played by Shawnmarie Stanton, Julie Westlin-Naigus, and Aaron LaPlant) is off in their own world, using the noise from the TV as their common buffer. The family gets to connect, but how they do so I will leave up to you to find out.

ITEM: Jodi Paul Wooster is excited about his day. "I get to do a bunch of shtick with Jennifer Jasper, running into each other, near misses, broad swipes. A lot of action." The piece is the kick off for the evening; Brendan Healy's Don't Ask Don't Tell, directed by Opal Peachy.

Makes one wonder what Peachy will have Bill Higham and Deneice Bleha doing.

ITEM: Nothing to report thus far on the closing piece of the evening, Marcy Rodenborn's Clarabelle's Secret. Every attempt to drop in on rehearsals finds the cast and crew talking or off looking for costumes. "It's gonna be huge," said an anonymous source, who may or may not be making this whole bit up.

ITEM: Not everything around here is pies to the face, clown abuse and bittersweet reunions today.

Also featured is a somewhat direct exploration of the theme. That piece, Glen Hergenhahn's When Evening Falls So Hard, directed by Darian Lindle and featuring Anthony Winkler, Gordon Carpenter, Michael Katt and Erin Kraft will be kicking off the second act, and will likely provide discussion material for your post-show digestif.

Remember, you heard it here first, on the QT, and extremely Hush Hush.

Day Two: Impressions

Walking around today, hearing bits and pieces of what's happening:

Yesterday was about cross-dressing, today, not so much. There seems to be something of a unifying search to map the territory of the theme (Breaking A Habit). However, one bit from yesterday was carried over to today: Power ballads. I am told that today, audiences will be treated to renditions of Chicago's Hard Habit to Break, and Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine. Okay, Bad Medicine does not fit into the "power ballad" category, but the band has been known to produce a few over the years.

In the "Be Careful What You Wish For From The 14/48 Gods" file: Director Matt Fontaine says that he wished to direct a play without any words, and some kind of clown style to emulate. He got what he wished for, Heidi Heimarck's "Hello In There," a three character play featuring clown abuse (Lisa Viertel and Jason Marr), and Troy Mink working some kind of hoo doo on stage. Fontaine could be heard directing in a German accent.

Across the hall, Richard Ziman finds himself in a different situation from yesterday: No cross dressing men attempting to seduce a giant for him today; instead, he has a gentle little comedy about a woman who ends up talking with her High School crush at their reunion. The play is titled "Reunion," appropriately enough, by Becky Hellyer, and it features Kate Jaeger and Roy Stanton.

Generally, Ziman's experience is pretty analogous for 14/48 participants. The second day tends to be nearly diametrically opposed to the first one.

More buzz to come.

Top of Day 2, Weekend 2: "Kicking a Habit"

I know, I know, you are chomping at the bit to know what is going on already, right? (well, hopefully you are); so until Beige One arrives rested from his battle with YouTube yesterday, ya got me and here's what you get:

Play 1: "Don't Ask Don't Tell"
Written by: Brendan Healy
Directed by: Opal Peachey
Performed by:
Jennifer Jasper
Deniece Bleha
Bill Higham
Jodi-Paul Wooster

Play 2: "Reunion"
Written by: Becky Hellyer
Directed by: Richard Ziman
Performed by:
Roy Stanton
Kate Jaeger

Play 3: "Oh What a Relief It Is"
Written by: Kathy Hsieh
Directed by: Lisa Confehr
Performed by:
Shawnmarie Stanton
Aaron LaPlante
Julie Westlin-Naigus

Play 4: "Horror Habit"
Written by: Ki Gottberg
Directed by: J.D. Lloyd
Performed by:
Paula Sjunneson
Marty Mukhalian
Betsy Schwartz
Megan Ahiers
Heather Roberts

Play 5: "When Evening Falls So Hard"
Written by: Glenn Hergenhahn
Directed by: Darian Lindle
Performed by:
Erin Kraft
Michael "Bama" Katt
Gordon Carpenter
Anthony Winkler

Play 6: "Hello In There"
Written by: Heidi Heimarck
Directed by: Matt Fontaine
Performed by:
Troy Mink
Jason Marr
Lisa Viertel

Play 7: "Clarabelle's Secret"
Written by: March Rodenborn
Directed by: Mik Kuhlman
Performed by:
Justin Alley
Ben Gonio
Shawn Belyea
Morgan Rowe
Annette Toutonghi

There you go - band need the computer....

Mazen Award Winner: Anthony Winkler

And so, Anthony Winkler joins Matt Richter as the winners of the Summer '08 Mazen Award. (Please pardon the quality of this and other videos during this session.)

This will be Anthony's last 14/48 as a regular contributor, though he is planning on taking the model and seeing if he could make it work in Houston, where he will be moving shortly.

The award is named after local actor, Glenn Mazen, a man who managed to support his family, feed and send his kids to college while working primarily as an actor in the greater Seattle area.

No mean feat. But he did it with the zeal and fervor of a true passionate artist.

So, why is the award named in his honor, you ask? Well, let me tell you:

During the first weekend of the July 2003 14/48, Mr. Mazen, a friend of a number of the members of the Steering Committee at the time, was invited to observe the behind-the-scenes goings on of a typical weekend.*

At the meet and greet, Mr. Mazen was introduced to the participants, and was asked if he wanted to share a few words. He did. And how.

Mr. Mazen took the occasion to deliver a barnstormer of a speech, exulting the efforts of all involved as art in its purest form. He took a moment to remind everyone that what happened at the bigger theater houses in Seattle paled in comparison to the courage, dedication and spirit of 14/48. I recall him shaking his fist at us, encouraging us to fight and make the weekend a huge success. What the speech lacked in brevity, it more than made up for in inspiration.

I'd like to believe that his demands were met satisfactorily.

He was so taken with the experience, that he offered his cabin in the mountains to the Steering Committee to use at their will, which they then did later that summer/fall for a retreat. Mr. Mazen made them feel welcome by sharing a bottle of whiskey.

In the weeks after the retreat, Mr. Mazen passed away.

And thus, the Mazen Award. Engraved on its side is the following statement:

The Mazen is rewarded to Veteran participants of 14/48 for their contribution to the spirit of risk taking and camaraderie embodied in our process.

Thank you, Mr. Mazen, for giving all future artists of 14/48 something to shoot for. And while we're doing that, at least we can look forward to having one of these:

*It was also my first exposure to 14/48 that weekend, as a volunteer. I attended the meet and greet merely because Matt Richter and Stan Shields said I should attend as there was free beer in the offing, to this day, something of a temptation.

While Wrestling With You Tube

Theme for Sunday's seven world premiere plays: Kicking A Habit.

That early buzz about cross dressing? Wow, they weren't kidding. Five out of the seven shows featured cross-dressing. Some examples (click on the image for full size):

In the meantime, after spending a day dealing with the matter mentioned in the subject line, on top of unexpected delays due to the Seafair Torchlight Parade and NIN concert in the Key Arena, the show turned out to be as gloriously bizarre, entertaining and uniquely humorous as promised.

Speaking of wrestling, I'm going right back to it, so, see you tomorrow, with more pictures and videos (I fuggin' swear).

PS - Thank you to the closet heshers who correctly pointed out that "Love Bites" was performed by Def Leppard, not Whitesnake.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

on 14/48, board op'ing and triathlon training

If I'm around 14/48 for any significant period of time, I'm almost always acting. Either that or house-managing. Matt Richter (Mazen award winner for weekend 1) said this great thing in his Mazen speech about how every person who truly loves doing 14/48 always thinks that someone else has the hardest job. Because we all love what we do. It's cool, and it's true.

This is the first time I've really been behind the scenes. During an actual festival, I mean; I'm behind the scenes helping produce, but that's all pre-festival work. It's been absolutely fascinating. Board op'ing has been a complete revelation. With acting, I'm completely in my own bubble all weekend accompanied by the guys & gals that the 14/48 gods have seen fit to partner together. House-managing is just a matter of showing up an hour or two before the show and getting to work. Board-op'ing on the other hand is complete immersion in every show's personality and every director's quirks, every tech person's pet peeve and tipping point. You get to intimately recognize every tiny shift in the the band's and stage manager's mood levels. It's super fun and totally crazy. For me, anyway. I'm not used to this side of things and it's impossibly exotic.

One of the oddest things I've ever done while doing 14/48 is training for a triathlon. Yep. I ran 4 miles before I showed up here today. And tomorrow it's a hour long bike ride. Sucker!

the best laid plans of mice and 14/48

We knew there was a parade tonight. We also knew that the Nine Inch Nails were playing at Key Arena tonight. We knew; no problem. But how could we plan for the fact that the parade would start atrociously late and close off acres and acres of the usual routes to get here way past the time our audience (and NIN's audience, for that matter) would be attempting to get here. Like poor little salmon swimming upstream to spawn and die; except where "spawn & die" is taken to mean "see 14/48."

Have we ever started 20 minutes late? CrAzY mAn!

from the control booth

"Can you make the sound of a zipper and then a giant penis hitting the ground?" -Richard Ziman, director.
"Yeah, just a sec," -Jason in the band, as he stands up and unzips his fly.

"How do my nuts smell?" -Alex Samuels, food czar, while roasting stuff for the salad.

"Can we go from shit licker?" -Darian Lindle, director.
"Is there only one?" -Peggy in the booth.
'Yes, there is only one shit licker." Lisa Viertel, actor.

"I need just one unison throw-up sound." -Mik Kuhlman, director.

"I'll find something for you to squirt in." -Ki Gottberg, writer.

*NOTE: Small artistic liberties may have been taken for comic effect.

Tonight's Line Up

Act I

Theme: Great Expectations

Four Three Men and a Woman (?)
Written by Kathy Hsieh
Directed by Matt Fontaine
Performed by
Jason Marr
Shawn Belyea
Michael “Bama” Katt
Shawnmarie Stanton

Ooh Great One
Written by Ki Gottberg
Directed by Richard Ziman
Performed by
Gordon Carpenter
Chris Bell

Written by Brendan Healy
Directed by Darian Lindle
Performed by
Lisa Viertel
Morgan Rowe
Bill Higham

Family Night
Written by Becky Hellyer
Directed by Mik Kuhlman
Performed by
Ben Gonio
Roy Stanton
Betsy Schwartz
Heather Roberts
Kate Jaeger

Act II

Giant Expectorants
Written by Glen Hergenhahn
Directed by J.D. Lloyd
Performed by
Anthony Winkler*
Deniece Bleha
Marty Mukhalian
Jennifer Jasper

The Girl with the Polka Dot Panties
Written by Marcy Rodenborn
Directed by Lisa Confehr
Performed by
Troy Mink
Julie Westlin-Naigus
Erin Kraft

Gospel Plow
Written by Heidi Heimarck*
Directed by Opal Peachey
Performed by
Justin Alley
Aaron LaPlant
Megan Ahiers
Paula Sjunneson
Deb Fialkow

*Indicates past Mazen Award winners.

7/26 Morning

So much to catch up on...Would've happened sooner, but there's been some minor complications getting in the way. Yes, even bloggers and photographers get minor challenges while participating in 14/48.

Joining Rob Jones and myself in this endeavor are Gina Jen (photographer) and Peggy Gannon (blogging from within the tech booth).

The meet and greet went swimmingly. The theme drawn: Great Expectations.

It was at this point that things started getting interesting. Ms. Jen had her car broken into (thankfully, her cameras were with her), which had to be dealt with first thing in the morning. Then, yours truly had his keyboard short out, which kept me from being able to do...just about everything, really.

Which is a round about way of saying that we're catching up.

Lots of activity this morning. Early buzz is that today's theme has drawn a certain amount of cross-dressing within the casts, and God/Jesus/Holy Ghost is celebrating a birthday. Right now, the band is rehearsing Def Leppard's Love Bites.

In other words, the usual shenanigans are abounding.

More to come.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Night Before...

The questions, butterflies and insecurities always start the night before.

What's going to happen? Who will I team up with? Can I deal with the stress? How many beers/cigarettes will I burn through before it's all said and done?

I would be going through all that right now, if it weren't for the fact I already did it last week. However, at this moment, there are about 60+ people, (whether they are actors, directors, writers, costume designers, set designers, band members) who are likely undergoing similar internal stresses.

Doesn't matter if they're virgins or vets, it's part and parcel of the 14/48 package. The fact that it's been 6months/a year/longer only reminds you how familiar the feeling is.

It's exciting, and I hope to be able to parlay some of that excitement to you, dear reader, in the days ahead.

It's going to be interesting for me, being on the fringes of all the mayhem. Odds are I'll find myself getting caught in the pools and eddies of it all, which I then intend to report to you. Is this redundant? Quite likely.

Oh, and on top of my general BS, there'll be pictures from talented shutterbug Rob Jones!

Okay, I'll stop now.

Meanwhile, there's a wealth of archived entries for you to peruse, there's stuff from the first weekend, as well as entries from January's version. Here, take a look at Erin Stewart's take on what happens at the meet and greet (page 2, page 3).

Hope to see you this weekend, it'll be tots awes. (Holla!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

But wait, there's more!

Can't believe you were on vacation during the first weekend? Kicking yourself for thinking that dealing with the Bite of Seattle would be too much of a pain in the ass? Just arrived on the planet or are new to Seattle? Come on down to the Center House Theater this weekend, July 26 & 27 8pm and/or10:30pm, for the second weekend of 14/48! 
(With real, live bloggers this time!)

Until then, here are a few last picks taken on the fly by me with a camera I have yet to figure out how to use...

Day 2: "Off the Deep End"

Day 2 of the first weekend had  quite of variety of plays with many interesting design elements (please tell me the goldfish went to a good home!) As always, the evening was kicked off by the fabulous 14/48 band - Brendan Hogan, Amanda Williams, Troy Lund, Rob Witmer, and Festival Director Basil Harris jumped in at the last minute to play bass for a few songs.
First piece of the evening was Scott Auguston's "Deep Down Inside" directed by Linda Lombardi, featuring James Weidman, Aimée Bruneau, Russ Banham and Charles Smith....
...followed by Rachel Atkins' "Can You Hear the Mermaids Singing?" with Karen Jo Fairbrook and Annette Toutonghi (doing a lovely impression of a caught fish)....
....and then came Alex Harris' "The Story of Bacon" directed by José Amador, with Rachel Hynes, Bob Williams, Jane May and Ben Harris. The lobby of the Center House Theater I fear will smell of bacon for many more days....

...(Bob Williams and Jane May engaging in bacon-laced foreplay)....
...and then came Elizabeth Heffron's piece for the disturbed, "For Whom the Bell Jar Tolls," directed by Alan Bryce, with Cynthia Whalen, Jamie Roberts, Kate Kraay....
...David Gehrman (birthing) Tracy Repep....
...(new girl Repep gets broken in)....
....and first up after intermission was Linell Hanover & Sooz Stahl's "The Last Word in Good Taste" featuring Michelle Lewis, Teri Lazarra...
...Annette Auger and Curtis Eastwood....(some pictures just speak for themselves, don't they?)...
...and then Walter Dalton's "The Audition" with bad boy beat poet Andy Jensen....
...Cory Nealy and Don Darryl Rivera (nice bling -"Holla!)
The final piece of the evening was Celene Ramadan's "Deep Blue," directed by Brian Faker, performed by Ray Tagavilla, Kaleb Hagan-Kerr, Kathryn Van Meter and Erin Stewart.
(Major props to the Festival Designers for the work on this piece in particular!)
Company and Closer Jodi Paul Brown-Wooster - end of Day 2 and First Weekend.

All photo credits: David Baum

More Photos from Day 1: "Revenge"

Mazen Award winner Matthew Richter opens the first show of the first night of the first weekend...
First up: Aimée Bruneau in Celene Ramadan's "Vendetta Operetta" directed by Basil Harris & Gillian Jorgensen...
...a true kabuki musical ending...(Annette Auger, Karen Jo Fairbrook and Cynthia Whalen corpsing)
Next up: Michelle Lewis & Russ Banham in Walter Dalton's "Gina" directed by Brian Faker...
...followed by Elizabeth Heffron's "Farewell Andromeda" directed by Alan Bryce....
...featuring Kate Kraay, Andy Jensen and Teri Lazarra....
...and the forced song stylings of John Denver.
Then came Linell Hanover & Sooz Stahl's piece, "Roy's Crossing," directed by Susanna Wilson, with actors Ray Tagavilla, Don Darryl Rivera, David Gehrman, Jane May and Tracy Repep. 
After intermission: "A Dish Served Cold" written by Rachel Atkins, directed by Louis Broome, featuring 14/48 vixens Jená Cane, Kathryn Van Meter, Holly Arsenault and a man who shouldn't be mixin' with vixens, Bob Williams...
...followed by Scott Auguston's wicked little piece, "We're Talking About Elaine," directed by Linda Lombardi, with Ben Harris, José Amador, Erin Stewart and Jamie Roberts....
...and the closing number, as it were, "Clown Love" by Alex Harris, directed by Mazen Award winner Matthew Richter, featuring James Weidman, Curtis Eastwood, Kaleb Hagan-Kerr, Cory Nealy and Charles Smith.
Full company and closer Jodi Paul Brown-Wooster. Hooray! Day 1 down, Day 2 up next: "Off the Deep End"
All photo credits: David Baum