Sunday, July 27, 2008

7/26 "Kicking A Habit" - Other Shows

ITEM: Ran into Marty Mukhalian on her way back to rehearsal after a costume run. "I'm in an amazing play today!"

Knowing Marty, I decided to go drop in on their rehearsal and found the door to the theater to be locked. This is largely due to the security measures that TPS has for that rehearsal room, which doubles as their public black box space; I'm going to treat it as if they're trying to keep their little play under wraps, however.

Portions of the play Marty's in (Ki Gottberg's Horror Habit, directed by JD Lloyd, and also featuring Megan Ahiers, Betsy Schwartz, Paula Sjunneson, and Heather Roberts) have not been leaked to the public, no one knows what's going to happen in this peace, but I understand it features both horrors and habits.

ITEM: I did get a chance to drop in on rehearsals for Kathy Hsieh's Oh, What A Relief It Is, directed by Lisa Confehr. It features a dissolute family, each member of which (played by Shawnmarie Stanton, Julie Westlin-Naigus, and Aaron LaPlant) is off in their own world, using the noise from the TV as their common buffer. The family gets to connect, but how they do so I will leave up to you to find out.

ITEM: Jodi Paul Wooster is excited about his day. "I get to do a bunch of shtick with Jennifer Jasper, running into each other, near misses, broad swipes. A lot of action." The piece is the kick off for the evening; Brendan Healy's Don't Ask Don't Tell, directed by Opal Peachy.

Makes one wonder what Peachy will have Bill Higham and Deneice Bleha doing.

ITEM: Nothing to report thus far on the closing piece of the evening, Marcy Rodenborn's Clarabelle's Secret. Every attempt to drop in on rehearsals finds the cast and crew talking or off looking for costumes. "It's gonna be huge," said an anonymous source, who may or may not be making this whole bit up.

ITEM: Not everything around here is pies to the face, clown abuse and bittersweet reunions today.

Also featured is a somewhat direct exploration of the theme. That piece, Glen Hergenhahn's When Evening Falls So Hard, directed by Darian Lindle and featuring Anthony Winkler, Gordon Carpenter, Michael Katt and Erin Kraft will be kicking off the second act, and will likely provide discussion material for your post-show digestif.

Remember, you heard it here first, on the QT, and extremely Hush Hush.

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