Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 1: A Taste of What You Missed (or Saw)

It is really, really late, so here are just a few picks for now that I took, others uploading to my site (search for username Evergreenplace) - DF

David Gehrman in "Roy's Passing"

Jená Cane, Holly Arsenault, Kathryn Van Meter in "A Dish Served Cold"

Andy Jensen and Kate Kraay in "Farewell Andromeda"

Kathryn Van Meter, Holly Arsenault and Jená Cane in "A Dish Served Cold"

Aimé Bruneau, Karen Jo Fairbrook and Cynthia Whalen in "Vendetta Operetta"
Michelle Lewis and Russ Banham in "Gina"
Terri Lazzara in "Farewell Andromeda"
Cory Nealy in "Clown Love"
James Weidman, Curtis Eastwood and Kaleb Hagan-Kerr in "Clown Love"

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