Saturday, July 26, 2008

from the control booth

"Can you make the sound of a zipper and then a giant penis hitting the ground?" -Richard Ziman, director.
"Yeah, just a sec," -Jason in the band, as he stands up and unzips his fly.

"How do my nuts smell?" -Alex Samuels, food czar, while roasting stuff for the salad.

"Can we go from shit licker?" -Darian Lindle, director.
"Is there only one?" -Peggy in the booth.
'Yes, there is only one shit licker." Lisa Viertel, actor.

"I need just one unison throw-up sound." -Mik Kuhlman, director.

"I'll find something for you to squirt in." -Ki Gottberg, writer.

*NOTE: Small artistic liberties may have been taken for comic effect.

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