Sunday, July 27, 2008

Other Images From Day One

Kudos once again to Rob Jones, Gina Jen and Deb Fialkow for their work on photography this weekend. A stellar job all around, and leaving me truly grateful that I didn't have to supply my amateurish nonsense taken with my rinky dink camera.

As always, click on the photograph to get a larger image. Here goes:

Gordon Carpenter and Chris Bell rehearsing Ki Gottberg's Oooh, Great One.

Senator Winkler in a compromising position. (Glen Hergenhahn's Giant Expectorants)

Jodi-Paul Wooster-Brown, 14/48 co-founder, being interviewed by the Seattle Channel.

Erin Kraft and Julie Westlin-Naigus deciding whether they will or won't (Marcy Rodenborn's The Girl With The Polka Dot Panties).

Jason Marr, Michael Katt, Shawn Belyea and Shawnmarie Stanton sharing a slightly uncomfortable ride in Kathy Hsieh's Four Three Men and a Woman(?).

Darian Lindle is a little pre-occupied while Richard Ziman talks with the stage manager about his show's requirements.

Bill Higham as a just turned 33 Jesus. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, couldn't be helped. Lisa Viertel is giving him his cake. (Brendan Healy's Doubt)

No caption necessary.

An expectant Shawn Belyea (Kathy Hsieh's Three Men and a Woman (?))

Kate Jaeger looks on as Roy Stanton goes through the alphabet. (Becky Hellyer's Family Night)

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