Monday, July 7, 2008

12 Days Away

The site may have been quiet but boy have we been busy. Just the usual: get ready for your typical July 14/48 festival, get everything ready in April, feel great that you're so ahead of the game. Then find out that your venue is not renewing its lease. Then ask your more respectable venues in town "Hey. You mind if I bring 60 of my crazy friends into your house? We'll need 7 rehearsal rooms plus a performance space. Oh, and we have a constantly open keg AND a band. Oh, and we'll do it again the following weekend with a totally new 60 folks. Cool?"

Then win the 2008 Mayor's Arts Award.

Then have Theatre Puget Sound say "Use my house. And it's air-conditioned!"

Say "Thank you TPS!"

Then tell all your friends to go to Brown Paper Tickets and put their butts in seats.

Feel free to click on the links to the left and check out some great pictures and video from the January '08 festival.

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