Saturday, January 17, 2009

HALF TIME with Erin

I mean intermission. It's a great show! I watched the first act from the stairs, because this hizzy is PACKED. Leotards, records, cubicles and toilet paper. But so much more....

Really? You're not here? Oh, what? You're reading this blog?

Well let me tell you something: If you are reading this very well written blog, in your sweatpants in between wikipedia searches, you are missing out on something fabulous, my friend! So, you know what? You are not that smart. I know I don't know all of you, and it's presumptuous of me to judge (some of you i know, so my judgement is just) but you don't know where it's at! You're missing it! What could be more fun than being here and watching this show???

(If you are coming to the 10:30 then nevermind.)

2 mintes to places.


Alex is dressed in a, shall we say, snug leotard. James is screaming for his radio, it is in his pocket.

Jodie is dressed in his wonderful 1448 jacket. Peggy is continually saying the theme of yesterday's show "Why women gotta BE like that?". Actors are in varying stages of dress and make-up.

I learned to toss toilet paper correctly.

Harvey is being burped.

Whiskey is being poured into flasks. Mik is looking for her Shakespeare book.

Matthew Richter says, "Anyone seen a unicorn head?"

Jim Jewell is still working making the food happen.

Flasks are now being swapped.

Stacy Bush is wearing a dapper outfit.

10 minutes - was just called out.

10 minutes.

I will throw 2 rolls of tp, and I will assist Mik in getting into a pink pretty dress.

Jodi says, "You see me coming, but you didn't see THE NINJA coming."

Peggy says, "Why HARVEY gotta be like that."

7pm Meeting

All artists are in the room. They all made it to the meeting.

Announcements: We need to learn the kermit the frog song. The band is coming in to teach. Buy shirts! We have them. James Frounfelter is wearing his 45th bandana. An appropriate black bandana for crewing backstage. Thank you to Liz for helping with kitchen stuff! Tonight is the last night in the January 2009 1448. Go out and blow their doors off. Every seat has a superman and a bridal gown. There are many props that have been borrowed, bring them to where I tell you at the end. On Monday nights theater artists can go to Bizzarro in Wallingford and get cheap things to eat and drink. Get out of costumes quick after 1030 so we can bring them back to where they need to go. Clean up after yourselves. After it all we will par-tay.

Be quiet backstage. Der.

Let's learn Rainbow Connection! Have a good show! Woooooo!


As always: Like Shelley Reynolds used to say -



If you start to feel tired? RAISE THE FUCKING STAKES!

Random things - the band and making stuff


thank you bizzaro. delicious. we have options of meaty. veggie. and veggie. yum.

overhearing matthew richter. sound super pleased about his play. his eyes are happy.

Amanda lee is strolling in a lovely bedtime style/utilitarian long-john number.

The babies are cute.

Shawn Belyea has make-up on, looking quite rosy.

Tampon owner found. I will keep discretion, but put your mind at ease knowing they have gotten back to their owner.

more Tech.

cue to cue. lights, entrances, and exits. there are a lot of people to focus. pay attention and retain.
toliet paper to throw.
quick changes to happen.
cues to pick up.
and music to rock.

OH, ok.

So Peggy and Peter informed me that a play can have sound cues, just not from the booth. If the band is willing, then it is ok.

I am plugged in to the power strip at Base Camp and listening to the band play We Didn't Start The Fire. Anne Conte is folding programs for the night. And others. Mik Kuhlman is asking for a quick change helper. Annette has offered to step in. Go Annette!


So now, since my picture show FINALLY UPLOADED, I am sitting down at tech in the theater. I almost don't want to be in here because I don't want to give anything away. So I'll be all secret-like.

There is a VERY long music cue, which I walked in during. It went on forever. It's supposed to, but it went on extra long because the band was waiting for lights to cut them off, and lights were waiting for the band to stop first. Ha. Now they've gotten it down and decide to move to the end of the play. I was just informed that they are in the middle of play 2 of 7. I was also informed that someone bought glue sticks instead of hot glue gun sticks. Oops.

Let's talk bout how James Frounfelter is on top of it. Pretty much always. Or he seems like it. Last summer when I acted for the festival, the leg buckled on the table I was sitting on with another actor. It happened right before the lights went up, so James threw himself underneath of it and held the thing in place so we wouldn't fall. He was hidden from the audience by the masking around it, and even we, on top of the broken table, had no idea he was under there.

Crazy good, right?

Ok, play 3 is in now. Nick Garrison is the director and is patiently trying to work all of his sound cues out. There's a bunch, both practical and not. The band is quietly discussing things while the actors sit on stage in a makeshift office thing. The pencil sharpener sound is hard to do, since it is done by Brendan from over in the band area. He's got a computer and a bunch of sound effects.

I didn't know we could do sound effects?

Other than that, just lights up lights down. I have my video camera with me but again, I don't want to give shit away. I am hoping to get some interviews done after this. I want to get some "personal stories."

I'm actually surprised at the canned music being used. There's not a lot of it, but it sticks out to me because i've never heard it at a 1448. Oh it's being done from onstage. He's got an ipod speaker thing. So he's doing it from there. Got it. Interesting.

My battery is going to die. Will charge and update soon.

Friday Night Pics.

Director's Meeting 3:00pm


3 live music moments in first play. With choreography.

Projection screen.

The dog dies at the end of mine.

Just kidding, there's no dog.

Lots of lights, up lights down.

We need staplers and pens and a pencil sharpener.

No intro music.

No set, really. No mirror ball. Anymore.

Make your play less funny because ours is really sad. And people will already be crying. I would prefer a practical pencil sharpener. We only need the one table. Can the chords from the laptop be taped? Who is using that acting cube? Where's the banner? Motivational posters? Well, it's not a big deal. The cigar is not being lit. We can't use the balcony? Or can we use the balcony. How many dresses on sticks are there? We need two crowns. They need to be under the bench. I don't know where you are in props, but I could love to have 2 paper back copies of Romeo and Juliet. And we need privacy for a quick change. She is going to be topless, Ok? Are you guys happy now? We need someone to do the Prom Announcement guy. We need a squawk. At the end of the show, we need to sing Rainbow Connection. Can we sing through it? At tech? Are you serious? Let's do it at the meeting. I need artists around to clap when the actor claps. Anything else? We have 10 minutes until we tech the first show. I'll let you know if we are running behind. And come to the 7:00 meeting! Goodbye!!

I need one wooden chair.

A story from Matthew Richter

Back in 1997, when 1448 first started, I was directing a show. We did all the blocking, the rehearsing, the giving of direction. The 8 o'clock show rolls around and this actor did none of it. She did none of it! After it was over I went back stage to say "What Happened?" and she had the biggest grin on her face. She then told me "I didn't want to say anything to you before the 8pm show, but i've never been onstage before!"

Now it's time for the director's meeting.


Because a cute little bag was found that's full of 'em!

Claim at Base Camp.

it's that weird time

It's that weird time that comes after lunch, when there's about an hour until the director's meeting. Do we do a run? Do we work stuff? after the meeting it's tech. This might be the only time we have to actually work that one part.

I have wandered up to the 3rd floor, just outside the Buster rehearsal foyer, in hopes of getting a stronger internet connection so i can upload another slideshow. They have the doors shut, but I can hear loud voices saying the same lines of text over and over.

WORK it.

I just got a little bit of footage of the band trying to teach the melody of "A Whole New World" to those that didn't know it. I'll put it up as soon as the damn slide show is done.

***************************MIK KUHLMAN IS AWESOME************************************

It's called unexpected real good massage. Thanks Mik!

Also, *********************JIM JEWELL IS ALSO AWESOME**********************************

It's called a fantastic delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Thank you, Jim!

People are spread out all over. I hear Sheila Daniels talking with her actors just below me. I hear voices I don't recognize behind the doors to my left. On my way upstairs I saw Gillian Jorgensen and her delicious child hanging out while her actors were off memorizing.

I think Sheila just said "I want you to take the fish...while you're walking...and set it."

5 hours down, 6 to go. And the shows are sold out, I believe.

Rehearsal PICTURES (slideshow)!


Well. First of all it looks A-mazing, lunch that is...

There is a grill which leads my co-blogger Erin to believe grilled cheese! Exciting.

"I thought I'd get it in the eye," says James.

"Out of the big one," says Peter.

"If I had a nickle," says Peggy.

MIK KUHLMAN is amazing. She just gave Erin and I some fabulous. Fabulous. Massages, dreamy.

Tracy and Darragh - are talking about a dress.

"You are wearing it?!"

"Yeah," says Darragh.

"Good, I brought it hoping someone would wear it. I am so happy you are wearing it."

14/48 Low Down for Saturday

The Plays

Play 1: "More" by Drew Katzman
Director: David Bennett
1 Male 3 Female

with Alex Samuels
Marcy Rodenborn
Christina Mastin
Stacey Bush

Play 2: "Todd Schuster, Hero" by Keri Healey
Director: Matthew Richter
1 Male, 2 Female

with Ben Gonio
Marty Mukhalian
Jill Snyder

Play 3: "A Flame In Your Heart" by Patrick Scott
Director: Nick Garrison
1 Male, 1 Female

with Rob Jones
Shannon Kipp

Play 4: "Worldwide Stuff, Incorporated" by Joy McCullough-Carranza
Director: "Andy Jensen
4 Male, 0 Female

with Stephen Hando
Chris Bell
John Paulsen
Nik Perleros

Play 5: "A Whole New World" by Darian Lindle
Director: Sheila Daniels
1 Male, 3 Female

with Tracy Hyland
Karen Jo Fairbrook
Mik Kuhlman
Brandon Ryan

Play 6: "Sudden Inexpressible" by Scotto Moore
Director: "Basil Harris & Gillian Jorgensen
1 Male and 2 Female

with Michael "Bama" Katt
Betsy Schwartz
Amanda Lee Williams

Play 7: "Of Queens and Frogs" by Scot Augustson
Director: Mark Fullerton
3 Male, 2 Female

with Darragh Kennan
Jose Amador
David Lewis
Shanna Allman
Leticia Jaramillo

Bits of words from the day-

“I have three lines today” –
“Have you seen the disco ball?”
Peggy says “Nobody has that look in their eyes.” Which bodes very well.
I see the disco ball it is in half and DUSTY!
In Base Camp all is pretty calm. Things appear to be going smoothly. Jim Jewell requests more salad dressing and sends a runner.
“Is it too early for Glenleviet?”
It is amazing to watch this festival go together.
I can hear the band rehearsing in the theatre , the sound of plans being made, props being made, the sound of radio/walkie-talkies going off.
“Toliet paper and tampons,” says Mr. James Frounfelter.
And apparently there is no door today and that makes him a happy camper.

Morning Pictures (slideshow!)

Creepily Watching the Band from the Shadows

I decided to go into the theater and watch the band, because I never have and am totes interested.

Brendan Hogan is talking about one of the plays, trying to describe it so everyone's on the same page and can pick the right music for it. It also has a start up sound for Windows that needs to be figured out. There are quite a few sound cues but are done by the actors onstage. Maybe add a few distorted guitar twangs here and there. I count 7 band members in this discussion, not including the purdy singin' Joanna who dashed upstairs to find out something...from someone. The mood is light and fun as the guys give each other shit and try to hash it all out. Oh I see another woman in the band! Who is that? She was not here yesterday. I wonder if she is in the band, or a band helper. I can't say band-aid because I was reminded yesterday that that is a totally different thing involving sexytimes.

Well...who knows. She could be a band-aid. I don't know her life.

There will be a company sing-a-long to "The Rainbow Connection" at the end of play 7. How should it go? When should everyone come onstage to sing? Is this the curtain call music too? Maybe we should stay on that and rock it up a little bit.

When should the trumpet fanfare happen?

Director Sheila Daniels comes in to discuss play 5 and needs something that sounds like an alarm clock baby. I don't really know what they are talking about. A Whole New World comes after the ________ in the end. She's talking softly and I am in the back.

Joanna has come back to report that there's a show that needs some music to sound like a news broadcast, as well as cell phone sounds, and a triumphant capitalistic celebratory march, but not patriotic. She says, Did you mean Godless America? The director said no. The band takes note and moves on. Gotta think on that one.

I'm going to step away and come back to see what they've decided on in a bit.

Let's get started: A Moment With Peggy Gannon

Peggy is frantically printing rewrites.

Peggy is frantically printing rehearsal sheets of where people are.

Peggy is talking to the printer.

Peggy is done. "Now's the time when it starts getting fun."

(This all sounds like some strange children's book...)

This building is so large people keep coming back and asking her where rooms are. I think I've heard her say "Buster's Bottom" about 50 times. Over radio, Peggy and Peter banter, sing and misunderstand each other as the morning progresses. I miss what is said as she grabs a bunch of location sheets and daily schedules and dashes out of the room.

Go, Peggy. GO!

Following the Plays...

I am silently stalking Darian and Tracy and we are lost… trying to find the blue room. Tracy calls Shelia and we are literally a few steps away.

A whole new world. Play #5. Directed by Shelia Daniels written by Darian Lindle.

Darian is going to add in a couple lines because the actresses are right for it. I wonder what that means.

"A whole new world was totally my prom's theme," says Tracy Hyland.

Now to the quite reading. A few scattered chuckles. Discussion of "A Whole New World" being stuck in ones head for the whole day.

"I like your use of commas," says Brandon. Followed up by, "It took me 3 minutes to read it, did it take you 3 minutes to write it?"

Now I am curious. About the commas.

First read-through finished - the casting sticks... and I roll...

Moving to play #2 directed by Matthew Richter written by Keri Healy.

First thought, it is cold here by the door... eck! (this is the Ackerly Forum)

The play sounds serious the tone in the room is hushed. They finish the reading.

"God, this is such a beautiful play."

Is the first comment after reading. That is a great thing to hear.
Tears are even in eyes.

Ben Gonio begins to tell a lovely story - that I can only catch pieces of - relating to the play.
"What you really love about it, is that it just didn't make sense," he says. Speaking about gifts that he was given from a relative (I believe he said his Great Aunt, but this space EATS sound).

In comes Peter to this - checking and verifying the spelling of names. I move on.

Now to Scott O'Moore's 3pg play? Play #6 directed by Basil.
"Lights Fade" "and that is when the theramen solo begins"

"Staging is going to be pretty straight forward... I mean we are in a cave..."

and busting into this quite stage discussion - comes the lilting sound of a cellphone.

And then after intense discussion of the feeling of the clothes and the world - comes the first penis reference. And then the discussion devolves into penis this penis that - escalating into the thought of large penis props and so forth.

Back at Base Camp.

Amanda comes running in needing a pencil. I don't have a pencil. But, Peter does. Go Peter.

Morning meeting.

A listing off of lost and found. A discussion of speaking thoroughly to the Design Liaison.

And. Please clean up after yourself.

What time is the company meeting 7pm.

Be. There. On time.

or the aforementioned PUNISHMENT.

(again what color is recycling? yellow)

Plays and actors decided. Mass milling and shuffling to respective rehearsal spaces.

Overheard Quotes

"Nice work yesterday. Nothing makes me hotter than hot straight men kissing."

"Get to the company meeting. Seriously."

"It's not respectful, and we're not douches."

"DId you know 14/48 founder Michael Neff is with us?"

"Gillian's coming with the baby. We made it ourselves. It's easy, I'll show you how."

"My play's only 3 pages!"

"I'm going to go and do some rewrites."

"This all feels less daunting. I don't know if it's because it's my second day, but it feels less daunting."


Do we have recycling. Yes.

How do I distinguish what is RECYCLING and what is TRASH?



that is all.

Saturday 2nd day 2nd weekend.

Morning. Quite. Soft conversation, gentle script perusal –
I spy red colored bagels. I don’t know how I feel about red colored bagels.
I have just been schooled in my location. I am in Base Camp – a name coined by my fellow blogger Ms Amanda Williams.
And here in Base Camp you learn about the code of 1448.
I overhear Peggy and Peter having a slightly hushed conversation about lateness. My ears perk. It seems as though people this year have not been as heedful of the concept of promptness; timeliness. It has gotten worse, I overhear.
“You know, when this happened in the past we had people do horrible things…”
“So, should we reinstate that?”
“Yes – starting today. PUNISHMENT!”
PUNISHMENT! You latecomers. You believers in flexible time.
It shall not go unnoticed.
You have a stark cold taste of reality coming your way. You shall be schooled in the etiquette of 1448. Be warned.
I overhear:
“I want it to be… that the are not disturbed that he died.”
“OH, YEAH – totally,” is the response.
And lastly, 1448 is about, “Having a Groovy Time.”
Stated by Peter…
Also – overheard “… a three page play…”

Friday, January 16, 2009

Over And Out

I am going to have one more beer and then be back tomorrow. I'm totes tired from just watching everything happen. Come tomorrow if you can!

-Tim Hyland just plopped down next to me to talk. I just love talking to him. I didn't see him that much today. Was he around? I think he got here later in the day. Anyway, we got to talking about why 14/48 is here. Why it needs to be here. If I wasn't so tired and a bit tipsy I could remember it a bit more eloquently. We talked about how interesting and fun and strange and eye opening it is to hold a role in this process that is different than the one you usually make for yourself. Actors are writers. Directors are actors. Writers are volunteering for the weekend. The act of putting yourself in someone else's shoes for the night, or 2 nights, using your brain in a way you're not used to, experiencing the other side of things. You gain a new outlook and respect for the people you work with.

How many people can say that? How many offices do you know that switch rolls? That go out of their way to experience something different than what they are known to be. You can learn quite a bit from stepping out of your comfort zone for a second. Speaking from my perspective of today, I got to see shit go down and see that shit handled with no problem. A very tight ship. Stuff may go wonky, or people might not show up. But it's all brought back to being ok by the Steering Committee and staff and volunteers, that you just don't have a clue about if you're not them. There is an IMMENSE about of work to be done to make this event happen. And that means during the rehearsals. All day. And during the performances. And after people leave. And before people even show up. All for one weekend of something different.

You gotta love it.

So here's my thing...

I don't think I want to video any of the plays. I just don't. Because honestly, if you aren't here, you'll never get what happened. Video is so different than the live. So I just don't want to make these plays anything they aren't. So I am not putting up any recording of what just happened, and what is happening right now. 14/48 was meant to be experienced, which is why people keep coming back to sold out shows. I'm sure Matthew has some glorious pictures of the whole thing and I think it's better that way.

If you don't think it's better that way, just quit your bitchin' and come tomorrow.


So i'm almost done uploading the theme video. While we're waiting, here are some themes that were thrown into the ice cream cone in hopes of being picked. Get ready:

Look What I Did
Hell Is For Children
Fish Stories
What You Did With Your English Minor
Why Are Fetishes Weird?
Worn Out And Almost Finished
Ball of Confusion
God Is So Not Dead
Who Ate My Chicken?
Runnin' With The Devil
It Wasn't That Much Fun

and finally:

I Think I Might Have Just Crapped My Pants

Who knew? I think we should hang onto some of these.

A New Theme

I am uploading a video right now to just show the theme picked, rather than tell you.

Ok I will tell you.



Round one is over, and everyone seems to be feeling at least one of the following things:

A little more confident they can pull it off.
Scared they won't remember lines or blocking now that the initial "can we do this" rush is done.
Can I have one more beer?
What were we worried about?
Oh SHIT I better look at my script again.
I can't believe I learned all those lines, remembered all the blocking, ate fried chicken, smoked 5 cigarettes and got through it all, and...NOW I have to do it again.
(Or now I GET to do it again. It depends.)

Who knows. I don't know what people are thinking. But I see a bunch of smiles and laughing, and that makes it a good day.

Video and theme very soon.

1st Act Friday Night

Nice plays so far. Can't help but give a shoutout to the cast of Never Kill a Caterwauling Crane God, and other Life Lessons. They just ran ALL OVER this theatre. I can't even count how many characters Stephen Hando played. FANTASTIC. 

The audience seems to be enjoying themselves. We're in play #4 right now, and there's a giant bed onstage with a bunch of men coming in and out of it. I'd say a successful night for the theme, "Why Women Gotta Be Like That?" Congrats to all participants of 14/48 2nd weekend day 1, 2009. 

As you might be guessing, I'm slowly losing energy. I'll be leaving at intermission and letting Erin take over from here. I get to act tomorrow, and I couldn't sleep last night due to to much excitement! My bed and I will soon be together again.

14/48 blogger Amanda Lee over and out!

Opening night energy!

Well, the air is buzzing with excitement! I can't wait to see what I've been witnessing all day!

Actor's have been fed. The company meeting has happened. And places have been called!

It's 8:04 right now, and it is jam packed! I really enjoy the diverse audience that 14/48 pulls in. 

Soon, a new theme will be pulled. Llysa Holland told me that she put in the theme, "Mine, all mine!" Tonight's theme, just a reminder, is "Why women gotta be like that?" Kate Jaeger has been pinned as being responsible for that theme. She did not put it in the ice cream cone however. She wants me to note that. She can't help what hilarious things come out of her mouth! What will it bring?

The band just came out! Man, they are PURTY! 2 trumpets! Joanna Horowitz sings their original cover of, "Why women gotta be like that?" We've got a panda mask, a yellow fro and  a marching band uniform.

Here come's the illustrious Matt Richter! And currently he's in the dark. Get a light on that man! He's to amazing to be in the dark! UH OH! We're back in the hands of the very capable hands of the 14/48 Band!! 

And the plays begin! 

Some Pictures of the Morning

Thank you Matthew!

I think amanda might be blogging this too...

but we are across the room from each other.

7:00 meeting. Remember that there is a 1030 show tonight! After the 8:00, don't go home.
And remember to come back tomorrow.

Please, tomorrow, stay on task. We have a time line for a reason, make sure you are checking your timepiece during rehearsal.

Things are pretty much sold out for this weekend, but you still have time to get some comps in for saturday night.

OH, rephrase. 8pm tonight and tomorrow, sold out totally. the 1030's are almost sold out for participants, but there are still tickets for the public coming in. (but going fast)

The Pajama party is a big deal in show 5. As many people as possible please be in this one! No naked, but lesser clothes. We need people to help out. So if you want more face time, get onstage.

Top of show 4, do not sit on the landing or the middle of the stairs in the back because there is action there.

Just be aware, Mr. James says. If you see someone bookin' down or for the stairs, get out of the way.

SHUT UP backstage, even way back in the food room, because voices carry and you are loud.

Lots of movement everywhere, just get out of the way.

GO RICK on lights! He is not here, he is doing lights.

Costumes have been pulled all over the city. So be nice to them. They were lent to you. Don't pee in them or eat things.

Curtain call: Show 7 has a gunshot. Then silence. Like 15 seconds. So don't move then. THEN, after, you can move and come onstage for curtain call.

After 8 show, we will pick a new theme out of the ice cream cone for tomorrow. And writers will go off and...well...write.


Shelly Reynolds says:


1030pm show is: CLOSING NIGHT ENERGY



A show is still teching and it's 7:16. Time to panic?

I took a look around...

and here's what I saw.

Actor's staring into the void, muttering to themselves. Looking at their script. More muttering.

Notes being given by directors.

Scenes being run.

Moments being discussed.

The band getting tense as they try to learn a whole slew of new songs.

"Line!" being called.

Heads in hands.

Christina Mastin described the 14/48 experience like this:

First, you're like YAY! Then you're like, "Oh shit." Then you're, "Ok, this isn't so bad." And then it's "closing night" And you're back to YAY!

10 minutes till the company meeting.


Tech, Chicken, Beer and Beer

And also, beer. Yum. Let's talk about the combination of chicken and beer. Turns out. IT'S AWESOME!!! I just had dinner. Erin is back with a vengeance and workin' on postin' some photos. 

I got to see a little bit of tech earlier. Here are some highlights:

1-James moving a set piece with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

2-"Band! Quiet please!"

3-A toilet that couldn't be sat on, because it wasn't dry.

4-Quote of the day, "Where the hell's the toilet, I want my shirt back!" -James Frounfelter

5-"Band! Quiet please!"

6-Quote, "This is like choreographed chaos."

7-A crunch for time. SURPRISE!

8-"Band! Quiet please!" 

9-Poster sized origami.

10-Cindy tripping because a sombrero was blocking her view

Speaking of toilet paper... I just witnessed a fun moment. Picture this: Nick Garrison, sitting, eating a big ole' hunk of chicken. James Frounfelter comes up with toilet paper in hand. Then a very serious conversation about pre-set toilet paper commenced. All with a piece of chicken in Nick's hand. Is this funny to anyone else? Because it was to me. 

I also got to talk with Joanna Horowitz, the lead singer of tonight's band. She confided to me that they hadn't gotten to run half of their songs. Oh noes! What will happen!?!?! 20 minutes until the all company meeting! The tension is rising! Will we pull off another successful 14/48? I don't know!

Stay tuned....

How does 14/48 happen?

Well, let me show you...

Dinner Mc. Dinnerson

Ah. Back from work. I haven't been around for 5 hours and boy does it feel weird! I feel like I missed something, not having been part of the hubbub for so long. I see lots of actors in costume - "Please do not eat in your costumes, they are borrowed" - and many directors trying to sneak some salad or chicken while they still try to work on their play that will be put up in 2 hours and 12 minutes. The spread looks quite delicious, and although I am pretty hungry m'self, I think i'll stay out of the way for a bit while everyone who's actually been here can chow down after waiting in a long line of hunger.

Shawn Law has plunked down next to me. He is doing crew for this shindig and says it's been pretty smooth. There's one that apparently has tons of hand offs to offstage and requires a record amount of crew back there.

The beer is flowing nicely and although I have just been here for about 15 minutes, I'm going in for a second.

I will now post photos from earlier that I didn't get a chance to since I had to be out of here for a bit.

Afternoon Delight

It is so friggin' fun to see how all of this works. I've been an actor and in the band, and to see all the inner workings is awesome! So, I thought I'd share with you a little behind the scenes magic.

Let's start at the core: Peggy Gannon and Peter Dylan O'Connor - Commanders at the Base Camp. In the rehearsal room behind the stage, Base Camp lives and breathes 14/48. Peggy and Peter answer questions, work on the program, wheel around kegs and keep things hoppin'. There's food, tables, and plenty of props and set pieces being worked on. 

Just around the corner, the band plays, making Peggy a little nutty. It's hard to concentrate with Mr. Roboto blaring in the background. But it sounds so great, you don't even mind. I loved watching the band work. Their discussion goes a little something like this:

Troy: So, it's like beep, bop de do da.

Christopher: No, it's really more like... beep, bop de DO dah dah. You know what I mean.

Troy: Gotcha. On the upbeat? 

Chistopher: Exactly.

Me: Pardon? 

Meanwhile, Brendan is on the computer downloading songs fast as he can. On music stands, there's a mix of lyrics, lead sheets and music. It's amazing to me that the band learns SO many songs in one day! Most of the songs are figured out just by listening to the song after Brendan downloads it. 

After Peggy gave me a quick tour, so I wouldn't lock myself in the stairwell, I headed off to some of the "rehearsal rooms". I put that in quotes because by rehearsal rooms, I really mean, for the most part,  storage rooms and lobbies. I started in the lobby with Andy Jensen and Company: Show #5. I walked in on a VERY serious discussion of laughter. Oh theatre. I love ya. Only actors and directors would discuss the perfect laughter for a moment on stage.  

Next up was play #6 with director Nick Garrison. They were totally in a storage room/kitchen type thing. The freezer kept making strange noises and scaring poor Nick. That play in a nutshell: A period play. I'll let you decide what that means. Don't want to give to much away. 

Finally, I went to check in on play #1 written by Scot Augustson and directed by Christina Mastin. They have a fun little set up with an elevator dinging and opening every few minutes. I note these things not to complain, because ACT ROCKS! But more because I am amazed at the focus of these directors and actors. They don't even bat an eyelash as people walk right through the middle of their rehearsal. When I was there, they were working on choreographing riding on a bus. Like a dance really. 

Everyone else was on lunch break/scrambling to find costumes. 

I thought I'd do a quick interview with Anne Conte. We don't ONLY want to give shout outs to amazing actors, directors and the band. This festival wouldn't be anything with out people like Anne. First off, I wanted to know exactly what a Runner does for 14/48. So far this weekend she has gone to the store, gone to James' (stage manager) house to find props, played with his kittens (very important), and traveled to Theater Shmeater with Katie (props mistress). Anne said that she likes being a runner, because she gets to meet and talk with people she wouldn't normally get to know. It's not just running around. It's conversations with Katie, playing with kittens, getting dinner, laughing, lifting, moving... it's 14/48.

I love it. 

The Mazen Award - Jim Jewell

Presenting... The Slideshow

Lunchies and a slideshow!

Ok people. Coming up is a beautiful slide show of our meeting last night. We've got some great pictures (taken by Matthew Larson) of our Mazen Award winner, JIM JEWELL. An apology needs to be publicly made to Mr. Jewell, because he has TWO L's in his name. Apology and correction made. 

It's lunch time now and people are reading and eating. There was a little chaos this morning with the replacement of actors! AHH! But Jose Amador came to the rescue, as well as Samara Lerman. Other than that Mr. O'Connor reports that things are running smoothly. PHEW!!

I checked in the band after hearing MULTIPLE gunshots during rehearsal. What is it about women that summon 7 gunshots in one night of theatre? The band has a broken drumstick, but they're working through the pain of their loss and coming out on top. Luckily they get to do the "Safety Dance", and that will pull anyone through. 

I think I'll go shoot me some video and and see what people are up to. Enjoy the slideshow!!!

Some Pictures by Mr. Matthew Larson of Thursday's Meeting.


Morning Meeting:

Only 11 tickets left for the 8pm show.

Now 10.

Darian is smiling now.

There is a sleepy feeling in the room. Peter calls attention to it and everybody makes a pathetic WOOO noise.

Coffee, people. Coffee.

Actors are picked. Everyone shuffles off to their respective rehearsal spaces throughout the huge building.

Back at the office:
There is an actor that is not here. Shawn Belyea is not freaking out. Just heard him making a phone call . The search is on for a new man, if they don’t hear from him in the next 30 minutes. (Should I call him out? Hmmm…)

What should we do? Evan Mosher acts. He’s in the band. But he could do it. Scotto Moore wrote, but he took the day off and he could act.

Ah, what? There’s 2 men missing now. We should go from in house. Let’s try to make it work with what we have in front of us.

Wait, call Jose Amador. Is he working today? I think he took the day off.

“Yo Yo, Jose Amador. Wake up. And come be an actor in 14/48. Call me. Or Peggy. Do it.”

Scotto will take the place of one.

Jose has left a message to say he could do it as well. Be here as soon as you can! You'll be in Matt Richter's play.

HANG ON! It's the actor that didn't show. He's on the phone. He thought it was a Saturday Sunday Affair. Thought the meeting was tonight, not Thursday night. Get here as quick as you can.

Jose is off the hook. Props to the man for being willing to drop in like that.

WAIT. Hold the phone. Scotto has to write tonight. He'll do it, but if there's someone else, maybe they should do it.

JOSE! Come down. You are needed once more.

Props also to Mr. Scotto for being willing to drop in like that.

Crisis averted.

(just want to point out how smooth and non-scary this little scene was. I sat here the whole time listening to everything and no one freaked, no one got pissed. everyone involved was pretty smooth about the whole thing. I guess that's what happens when you've been running a festival for over 10 years.)

The List for "Why Women Need To Be Like That"

Directors have drawn their writers, and the collaboration has begun.

Play #1: Scot Augustson
3 Male, 1 Female
Director: Christina Mastin

Play #2: Joy McCullough Carranza
1 Male, 2 Female
Director: Mark Fullerton

Play #3: Darian Lindle
2 Male, No Ladies
Director: David Bennett

Play #4: Patrick Scott
3 Male, 1 Female
Director: Matt Richter

Play #5: Scotto Moore
No Mens, 3 Ladies
Director: Andy Jensen

Play #6: Keri Healy
1 Male, 2 Female
Director: Nick Garrison

Play #7: Drew Katzman
2 Male, 3 Female
Director: Sheila Daniels

I do not know tities (yes that is a typo. i will leave it in, but start over)

I do not know TITLES, but will post them if and when I find out.

Also, I am going of the first list of the day, in which names may be misspelled. Is that how you spell misspelled?

Rollin' in A Bit past Nine

Good old Friday morning is here. I showed up a little past nine to find pairs of writers and directors huddled together talkin' shop.

INTERJECTION: Ms. Darian Lindle, a virgin writer, just came up to me. The conversation went a little something like this:

Darian: Hi Erin.

Erin: Hi Darian. How are you?

Darian: Oh. Um. I think my director is a little scared.

Erin: Oh no! Why?

Darian: Well...he's the only one reading still...

Erin: How'd it go last night for ya?

Darian: Not, uh...not great. I couldn't decide what to write about. I wrote the beginnings of four different plays. Then finally settled on one, and called it Craptastic. (I don't know if she was serious or not, but I actually love that as a title for some reason. Craptastic, this Friday, one night only!) Then I went to bed, woke up, and wrote something totally different. (Craptastic: Cancelled until further notice) So I don't know...I don't uh...Well hey! You don't have to act in it.

Well, that's true. I tell her, maybe it's not that bad. And even if it is crap, the director and the actors might turn it into crapgold, and perhaps, just PERHAPS, make it the best darn 14/48 play ever.

You never know in this setting.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

THURSDAY NIGHT - 2nd Weekend


The evening starts with -

Act Theatre = Bullitt.
Bringing a moment together with people – a call out to the people in the room



Ahhhh….Beer and Peeps. Intros and all of that. I actually really enjoy this Thursday, this eve of the 14/48. Blogging is an excuse to do it both weekends! Happy to be a part of it again, with my bitches Annette and Amanda. It’s interesting to be able to be a part (or to witness the part) of the making of. As an actor, or a writer, or a director, you pretty much have the perception of only your show. This way is fascinating because you get more than a glimpse of it all. The all encompassing ALL. What the hell’s the band up to? Why is there a rollercoaster being built by a very talented yet frazzled build crew? Why is that director so adamant about getting a real baby for this play?

So it begins, the wondrous experience that is Making 14 plays in 48 hours. Again, I express my thought of it being like camp, a crazy romp of…crazy rompyness.

Gimme a beer, Virgin.


Virgins. Done.
My turn to now. We bow to the volunteers. Thank you volunteers.
Peggy says “They work hard doing lots of different things” Endearing, I think – “They make this festival go.”
Moving along. To. Survival – 10min.
My clock is ticking. The plays are 10min. I will be watching. I am thinking that the stopwatch feature on my phone will come in handy. Because those that betray the 10 min rule, will rue the day. Why you ask? Well, I am glad you ask. Because YOU my dear blog readers will know the names that LIVE IN INFAMAY of the betrayers of the RULE. I will blog and I will blog in ALL CAPS, my friends – who – who – is the culprit. And we shall all bear witness. Dare the clock tick 10:01 – you shall know.

P.S. Jodi just encouraged BEER, BEER, BEER!

(but not without a disclaimer)



Last weekend was sold out 3 shows. Hurray! Get tickets now, only 20 set aside for the 8pm, so reserve the crap out of it or else you are out o’ luck.


Clean up after yourselves. ACT is awesome, a beautiful space, and we must leave it in its intended state. So drink all of your beer and don’t leave your half filled (or half empty) beer cups lying about. Drink it! Or give it to someone who will. Do not leave the cuppies about.


***We will put you in this blog. Oh yes. We will put you in this blog.***
Questions? Talk to the Conduit of Questions: Mr. Peter Dylan O’Connor. He knows everything. And he is your friendly neighborhood Artist Liaison.


Yo. Yo. Keep it clean. Keep it real. Pay attention to the details. Blue Pass = cash. This is parking. Shove the blue validation in as payment. Shove it.
So many details for so many actors. And there is beer. Beer. And there is attention. Strike that there is the fa├žade of attention… I am taking bets now. How many people are going to remember the rules of the comp tickets?? Eh?
I will state the rule again:
Comp tix go to Peter. Peter = the Conduit of Comp tix. Peter = your proxy to the Box Office.
You, comp ticket holder, do not have a relationship with the box office. You. Have a relationship with your ticket. A pen. And your hands ability to write the receiver of the comp, the time and date of the show they are going to see, and hand it off to your guy. Peter = your guy.
P.S. Helpful tip from Shawn Law – roller bags are great.
Also. Take the elevators to navigate the cavernous ACT – HOMEBASE is D.
D for…?
Let me know what you think?
D for Deluge ? D for Drama ? I will take your comments now.


PLAYS ARE 10 MINUTES! No more than SIX pages, friends.
WRITERS? Any piece of advice to other writers? You only get to write the play about writing the play one time.
Couldn’t hear who said that. But they are a wise, wise individual.
WRITERS: If you write something involving the space shuttle, make sure you can supply the space shuttle.

Designers. On a budget! Maybe change the set a bit to be simpler….




(he says he’s cookin’ cause he can’t screw it up)


THEME: Why Women Need To Be Like That??
Apparently, Kate Jaeger has inspired this one.

Bring a ton of costumes tomorrow, actors. We are far from home.

Now get the hell home and sleep.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, Jan 10's shows w/ photos!

**I fixed the photo lists, there are now photos from Paul Mullin's " 'You Know Who's Been Drinking Again". Enjoy! BUY TICKETS TO THE FINAL WEEKEND OF 14/48 RIGHT HERE!**

I'll leave it up to Becky to wax philosophical about tonight's batch of 14/48 craziness. Instead, I'll stick to what I do best: posting photos and telling you how much you need to see this goddamn show.

Get your tickets to next weekend's show! They COMPLETELY sold out in advance this time around, so you'd better get them now, at ACT's website, HERE.

Before posting, I'd also like to thank ACT's Central Heating Lab, for making it possible for us to host this awesome conglomeration of talent, camaraderie, and frivolity.

The shows, ladies and gents!

Pre-show grub, thanks to Bizarro Italian Cafe. They have 1/2 price house wines every Monday for theatre artists! Jodi-Paul Wooster will hook you up.

Christopher Comte becomes superman by drinking beer and filling up beer....AT THE SAME TIME.

Christopher proudly shows us his meat.

The band kicks ass as always.

1) Jerry Kraft's Alcoholics Anomalous, directed by Tina La Plant, featuring Gordon Carpenter, Trou Fischnaller (NOT playing Paul Mullin), John Lutyens, and Hillary Pickles.

2) Celene Ramadan's Pliein', directed by David Gassner, featuring Charles Smith, Michael Patten, and Jennifer Jasper. See the full video on the blog below!

3) Anita Montgomery's A Case of You, directed by Nicole B. Cochran, featuring Anthony Winkler and Kaitie Warren (sans goatee).

4) Paul S. and K. Brian N.'s Chase Her, directed by Opal Peachey (also the name of the drink that my friends mock me for ordering), featuring Imogen Love, Khanh Doan, Kate Jaeger, Annie Lareau, and Jaime Roberts.

5) Paul Mullin's "You Know Who"s Been Drinking Again, directed by George Mount, featuring Juniper Berolzheimer (bless you), Stan Shields, Mark Boeker, and Shawn "The Law" Law

6) Louis Broome's Strange Attractors, directed by Brian Faker, featuring Andrew McMasters, Aaron Washington, and Erin Stewart.

7) Glenn Hergenhahn's Peace for the Children, directed by Don Fleming, featuring Magan Ahiers, Lisa Veirtel, Peggy Gannon, Shane Regan and Charles "Pilot Manwearing" Leggett.

Tim Hyland thanks us all in silhouette. Thanks to YOU all! Buy your tickets to next week's 14/48 if you want in on the awesomeness. Get them by clicking

Watch This! Live from 14/48

Here's a quick, dirty video of Celene Ramadan's "Pliein': An 80s Ballet", directed by David Gassner, featuring Michael Patten, Charles Smith, and Jennifer Jasper. God help us all.

With last night's show plus tonight, let's hope that none of these three people EVER run for public office. This blog will be their downfall.

The Second Night - 8pm

So, the second night of the first weekend of 14/48 January 2009 is done. I'm sure Ben will come in behind me with his own fabulous blog comments about the show. Here are mine:

Sold out again - great energy. Fun riffs on the theme "Liquor is Quicker."

1. A twist on AA with four members of a different group embracing their alcoholism and the "success" it has brought them. Hilarious performances by all including Jon Lutyens as a hilarious martini swiller and Hillary Pickles as a pregnant lush.

2. A silent ballet of a high school love triangle set in the 80s and set to 80s music that featured the wonderful 14/48 band rising to the occasion brilliantly.

3. An ex-drinker (Katie Warren) runs into her ex-boyfriend (Anthony Winkler) on the subway and wants him and a drink.

4. Five women wake up in bed with each other post-drunken orgy - great brave performances by Kate Jaeger, Annie Lareau, Khahn Doan, Jaimie Roberts, and Imogen Love as the poor woman who took a power nap and missed the fun.

5. Mullin's dark and epic story of God's cruelty and seeming irrationality. I love it when a piece dares to strike an unusual and startling mood. Kudos to the director and cast for playing it straight and hard.

6. A script that is sometimes seen at 14/48 - a self-referential piece about a playwright with a cast and a theme who's trying to get his 14/48 script written. This one succeeds with its big, strong Broadway number.

7. A Medieval family waits for the return of the father, out slaying a mythical monster. Hilarious and a fabulous finish to the evening!

Really strong night - congratulations all!

I'm too old and too sober to stay for the after party.

Becky Hellyer

Reasons to buy tickets to next weekend's 14/48


Watch this video

and you'll see why you need to come to 14/48, showing NEXT Friday and Saturday nights (1/16, 1/17) at 8pm and 10:30pm. That's FOUR MORE CHANCES to see the majesty, the ridiculousness, and everything in between.

Buy your tickets now!
Unless, of course, you're too CHICKEN...


p.s. ...okay, seriously, click on the word 'chicken'. i'm dyin' over here.


The life of a 14/48 blog contributor:

Every once in a while, someone stops what they are saying, looks at me and says, "Oh, jeez, you're blogging! You're not going to put that on the blog, are you?"

How could anyone think I would do that? Idle gossip, repeating things I've heard one artist say about another, telling tales - this could destroy delicate relationships that are budding here at the festival. I mean, I hear about crushes and baby names and lactation and professional differences - confessions of all kinds. I would NEVER.

But, I will tell you that Imogen Love and Alex Samuels discovered over lunch that they went to the same college. During the same period of time. Knew many of the same people. And they think that it's possible that they've slept together. Maybe. At least, that's how I heard it.

Becky Hellyer

Unsung Hero of 14/48: Meaghan Darling

Reason #487 to love 14/48: Meaghan Darling

We feed the artists through the entire festival. Kraft Services Captain Alex Samuels had 2 huge delicious pieces of meat ready to go but the cooking and storing plan didn't come through. Two huge gorgeous pieces of meat for 100 hungry hard-working artists that would be raw and unthawed at dinner time was not acceptable. "We need an oven, Stat!" yelled Alex. Impossible combinations of getting meat to two different ovens across town were devised. If only there was an oven close to ACT that could be observed while the meat cooked...

Enter Meaghan Darling.

Meaghan is an accomplished Stage Manager and the Inaugural Artist Liaison for 14/48 in 1999 (?). The Artist Liaison takes care of all that needs to be taken are of during the Festival. An important person and Meaghan set the bar high for those of us who follow in her footsteps. Many AL duties that we take for granted now, Meaghan started.

Meaghan lives nearby ACT with her lovely husband and two children. 14/48 called Meaghan to use her oven so we could feed the artists. Without hesitation, Meaghan said yes and offered her sharpest knives and forks. As I type, meat cooks but 1 block away in the Darling's apartment and will be ready in just an hour for 100 hungry, hungry folks.

If not for Meaghan we wouldn't eat. So here's a thank you to a dear friend of 14/48 who has inspired us in the past and greatly helps us now when we needed her most.

Lineup for tonight! Heard it here first.

Didn't i tell you he was talented? Jesse Parce, ladies. And gentlemen.

Here's the lineup for tonight! Get your tickets for the 10:30pm show HERE!

The theme: Liquor is Quicker.

1) Jerry Kraft's Alcoholics Anomalous, directed by Tina La Plant, featuring Gordon Carpenter, Trou Fischnaller (NOT playing Paul Mullin), John Lutyens, and Hillary Pickles.

2) Celene Ramadan's Pliein', directed by David Gassner, featuring Charles Smith, Michael Patten, and Jennifer Jasper.

3) Anita Montgomery's A Case of You, directed by Nicole B. Cochran, featuring Anthony Winkler and Kaitie Warren (sans goatee).

4) Paul S. and K. Brian N.'s Chase Her, directed by Opal Peachey (also the name of the drink that my friends mock me for ordering), featuring Imogen Love, Khanh Doan, Kate Jaeger, Annie Lareau, and Jaime Roberts.

Intermission! Drink beer. Buy more tickets.

5) Paul Mullin's "You Know Who"s Been Drinking Again, directed by George Mount, featuring Juniper Berolzheimer (bless you), Stan Shields, Mark Boeker, and Shawn "The Law" Law

6) Louis Broome's Strange Attractors, directed by Brian Faker, featuring Andrew McMasters, Aaron Washington, and Erin Stewart.

7) Glenn Hergenhahn's Peace for the Children, directed by Don Fleming, featuring Magan Ahiers, Lisa Veirtel, Peggy Gannon, Shane Regan and Charles "Pilot Manwearing" Leggett.

Come see! It'll be brilliant. I personally guarantee your spiritual awakening. if you find the right sightlines. So get there early! Tickets are right here.

Stuff I Ain't Never Seen Before

So, 14/48 participants start out all in one room and then, as the day progresses, they break up into groups and rooms and roles and finally, at about this time of day, each one is completely focused on his own process, his own task. This is how so many people miss knowing what is going on in the next room, or even in the next rehearsal. And this is how it is that I've never seen a band rehearsal or laid eyes on a director's meeting- both of which I got to see today!

The band rehearsal was like listening to a lovely conversation between friends - or people who are becoming friends. I sat up in the balcony and read my book and listened at the same time, enjoying the slow blending of instruments, the expertise of musicians who can hear a key and play a tune they've only heard a few times. Apparently, the band has a heavy load today. They have a ballet, a big musical number, a theme, and a bunch of cues. They talk to each other with instruments and shortcut musician language and Leslie Law's lovely voice. This is a part of 14/48 that I would totally eavesdrop on again - any time.

The director's meeting is when the directors sit around a table and, in order of their shows, make sure the stage manager knows all the needs - lights on the stairs at the end of a show, a bar that needs to be shared by two directors, a subway handle strap hanging from the ceiling, movement of set pieces, who needs the beer cans and how much and can they be open. These people look tired. Their jobs are almost over.

As Peter Dylan O'Connor just said, "I think it's time to open a beer!"

Becky Hellyer
This is fantastic Seattle actor Jesse Parce. So far today I've been offering my expert skills as a driver of cars, procurer of switchblade knives, and now I am helping out with the blog. One of my favorite things about 14/48 is overhearing stuff that has no reasonable context except that it has something to do with putting up 14 original plays in 48 hours. Some of the best so far today: "'You got all you need for pregnancy?' 'yeah, but I don't have the belly for it.'", "That's OK, she's a Viking", "Does this football smell like a urinal cake?". As funny as it is to hear people say stuff like that, it's even funnier to see other people respond with an understanding and go get 'em attitude. Plus Ben and I got up and ran around the theatre for a bit shadowboxing as the band played Eye of the Tiger. I love my job.

8pm performance SOLD OUT!

We're already sold out for our 8pm show tonight! That means if you want to come see the show tonight, you need to buy tickets NOW for the 10:3pm show. Oh my god, if i could have babies, i would have one right now and name it 'Come see the goddamn 10:30pm 14/48 show tonight' Rapson. It's probably best that i can't have babies.

Again, 8pm show tonight is SOLD OUT! Get your tickets HERE for the 10:30pm show, before they run out!

50% WINE for SEATTLE ACTORS at Bizarro Italian Cafe!

14/48 sponsor and badass house of iniquity, Bizarro Italian Cafe in Wallingford, offers a sweet deal for all you starving divas out there:

Ghostlight Mondays
1/2 price house wine for actors in Seattle - every monday

Somebody reviewed them on Google and wrote "This place would be on my shortlist for my "last meal!" You hear that? Eat here before you die.

Bizarro Italian Cafe

Pulling a Ramadan

A new phrase has been created, thanks to 14/48 writer Celene Ramadan:

Pulling a Ramadan: when you write a script that has so much music that you have to join the band.

Come see her show, a wordless 80s ballet, tonight at 10:30pm!

Buy tickets here.

Saturday Rehearsals

The second day of 14/48 always feels like someone picked up all the players from the night before, shook them up in a Yahtzee cup, and poured them out on the board again. Some of the players are still joined (Mark Boeker & Shawn Law, I notice, are still together - so are Tina LaPlant & Troy Fischnaller & John Lutyens). But almost everyone else has been rearranged, regrouped, refamilied.

Today, the two worst rehearsal spaces from yesterday have been switched up. Elevators are required. And by the time I get there, most of the playwrights have already cut out and table work is happening everywhere in the building.

I first find Brian Faker in the Microsoft Lobby with Aaron Washington, Erin Stewart, and Andrew McMasters. Playwright Louis Broom is also at the table. They are discussing a big Broadway musical number. When the costume people come Brian says, "If we could have three canes and three top hats" and Beth Matthiesen says, "It's always good to ask. If you could only have one or the other, which would it be." Brain says. "Hats. Canes. Hats."

In the blue lobby George Mount and his cast are discussing what sounds like a biblical piece - or Mafia - or something like that. It's hard to hear exactly what's going on. This is one of the most frustrating rehearsal spaces because people walk through during the day. Later, I notice they've moved into the main lobby.

Upstairs in the buster lobby Tina LaPlant and her cast are have a raucous good time. It almost sound like (and this is from a sensitive playwright's point of view) that they are writing the script on the spot. Are they adding lines? Re-writing? Saying whatever comes to mind? But it's just rehearsal and they're laughing. It's wild. Troy admits there is "a part of me that always wants to go too far." Tina says, "Just don't upstage. You can do that in the 10:30 show." And she says, "I'm already out of control. I can tell."

In the Allen Theater Lobby space David Grossman has Charles Smith, Michael Patten, and Jennifer Jasper. There are blonde wigs and ballet movement and hands in pants and no lines. Excellent!

The added rehearsal space on the 8th floor is by far the best space in the building. Gorgeous, light, huge. There is a five women cast and Opal Peachy at the helm. They are still just chatting, telling stories from past 14/48, Kate Jaeger is saying some of her students may have been in the audience last night seeing her pull sex toys out of her cleavage. They are still casting.

In Buster they are not only cast but on their feet and blocking it. Peggy Gannon, Chuck Leggett and Megan Ahiers are working with Don Fleming. They're laughing and discussing and trying things out. Lisa Viertel and Shane Regan wait for their turn.

Finally, in the echo chamber, is Nicole Boyer Cochran and the two person cast for tonight - Anthony Winkler and Katie Warren. They are also on their feet, working through the internals of the scene, walking, holding their ground, discussing what this means to their characters. Man, I love watching rehearsal.

Becky Hellyer

The morning after.

As if I'd gone to bed with a mid-80s Michael Douglas, and not known at the time whether it was a good idea or a terrible one, I woke up today and had a moment of reflection. And (just like I'd hope I would, had I actually slept with mid-80s Michael Douglas) my heart told me that the night before had been a good idea. I know what you're asking yourself! 'Ben, was it Michael Douglas from Wall Street? Or Michael Douglas from Romancing the Stone?' To which I say, You're stupid. Of course it was Romancing the Stone. He was so enticing, so vivacious, so rugged, and yet full of passion and soul. Plus he swore a lot.


I hate to say I'll write more later, but I can't do more now. So 14/48 volunteer and fantastic Seattle actor Jesse Parce will, later today.

I can tell you, though, that tonight is going to be amazing. You should come. Come. Buy tickets.

So! Here are photos from each show!

1) The Courtyard by Paul S. and Brian N., directed by Brian Faker, featuring Charles Leggett, Andrew McMasters, Peggy Gannon, and Juniper Berolzheimer.

2) Turn of the Century by Anita Montgomery, directed by George Mount, featuring Annie Lareau, Anthony Winkler, and Aaron Washington.

3) Dullette by Celene Ramadan, directed by David Gasner, featuring Charles Smith and Stan Shields.

4) Step Lightly, My Love by Glenn Hergenhahn, directed by Opal Peachy, featuring Imogen Love, Erin Stewart, Shawn Law and Mark Boeker

5) Global Risk Management Services by Paul Mullin, directed by Tina La Plant, featuring Troy Fishnaller, Jon Lutjens, Shane Regan and Kaitie Warren

6) Full Disclosure by Jerry Kraft, directed by Nicole B. Cochran, featuring Michael Patten, Khanh Doan and Gordon Carpenter

7) Revelations by Louis Broome, directed by Don Fleming, featuring Kate Jaeger, Jenifer Jasper, Megan Ahiers, Hilary Pickles and Lisa Viertel
*I'm sorry ladies, I feel bad that i don't have more photos of this one. that's 14/48 though...if you want to see more rehearsal and tech photos, let me or John Ulman know.

And then! The following:

The band rocks out.
Tim Hyland indulges in his soft-serve craving, and simultaneously selects tonight's theme, written by a random audience member: LIQUOR IS QUICKER.

See? 14/48 is a conversation-starter.

Jealous? you should be. These people had a shot at the dream: selecting the next 14/48 theme.

After the show, Kaitie Warren sports her Prince look. Paul Mullin, be not proud.

Tapped. Killed. Drunk.

Dante Olivia Smith gets a phatty of a fat lip after the show. I think she got it fighting a dragon.

Come tonight! Get tickets here.