Friday, January 16, 2009

Over And Out

I am going to have one more beer and then be back tomorrow. I'm totes tired from just watching everything happen. Come tomorrow if you can!

-Tim Hyland just plopped down next to me to talk. I just love talking to him. I didn't see him that much today. Was he around? I think he got here later in the day. Anyway, we got to talking about why 14/48 is here. Why it needs to be here. If I wasn't so tired and a bit tipsy I could remember it a bit more eloquently. We talked about how interesting and fun and strange and eye opening it is to hold a role in this process that is different than the one you usually make for yourself. Actors are writers. Directors are actors. Writers are volunteering for the weekend. The act of putting yourself in someone else's shoes for the night, or 2 nights, using your brain in a way you're not used to, experiencing the other side of things. You gain a new outlook and respect for the people you work with.

How many people can say that? How many offices do you know that switch rolls? That go out of their way to experience something different than what they are known to be. You can learn quite a bit from stepping out of your comfort zone for a second. Speaking from my perspective of today, I got to see shit go down and see that shit handled with no problem. A very tight ship. Stuff may go wonky, or people might not show up. But it's all brought back to being ok by the Steering Committee and staff and volunteers, that you just don't have a clue about if you're not them. There is an IMMENSE about of work to be done to make this event happen. And that means during the rehearsals. All day. And during the performances. And after people leave. And before people even show up. All for one weekend of something different.

You gotta love it.

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