Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unsung Hero of 14/48: Meaghan Darling

Reason #487 to love 14/48: Meaghan Darling

We feed the artists through the entire festival. Kraft Services Captain Alex Samuels had 2 huge delicious pieces of meat ready to go but the cooking and storing plan didn't come through. Two huge gorgeous pieces of meat for 100 hungry hard-working artists that would be raw and unthawed at dinner time was not acceptable. "We need an oven, Stat!" yelled Alex. Impossible combinations of getting meat to two different ovens across town were devised. If only there was an oven close to ACT that could be observed while the meat cooked...

Enter Meaghan Darling.

Meaghan is an accomplished Stage Manager and the Inaugural Artist Liaison for 14/48 in 1999 (?). The Artist Liaison takes care of all that needs to be taken are of during the Festival. An important person and Meaghan set the bar high for those of us who follow in her footsteps. Many AL duties that we take for granted now, Meaghan started.

Meaghan lives nearby ACT with her lovely husband and two children. 14/48 called Meaghan to use her oven so we could feed the artists. Without hesitation, Meaghan said yes and offered her sharpest knives and forks. As I type, meat cooks but 1 block away in the Darling's apartment and will be ready in just an hour for 100 hungry, hungry folks.

If not for Meaghan we wouldn't eat. So here's a thank you to a dear friend of 14/48 who has inspired us in the past and greatly helps us now when we needed her most.

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alex said...

I can say with some degree of confidence that I have never in my life uttered the word "stat".
However I would like to also thank Meaghan for her help. It made things run so much smoother than they otherwise would have.