Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who do I know?

One of the first things I do when I walk into a 14/48 Artists Meeting is to look for who I know. Who have I worked with? I'm not alone in this. I like to see Stan Sheilds. He was in one of my most successful scripts therefore, he is one of my favorite actors. Same with Kate Jaeger. And I'm glad to see Paul Mullin and Brian Neel, both writers I admire. I embrace Karen Jo Fairbrook and Nicole Boyer Cochran. I see Teri Lazarra, Peggy Gannon, Lisa Viertel, Shawn Law, Tim Hyland, Anthony Winkler, Peter O'Connor, Mark Boeker, Alex Samuels. I love the kisses and the hugs - a reunion, of sorts. And then someone speaks what I'm thinking, "Isn't it nice to see all these faces we know?" And Andy Jensen says, "I like seeing all the faces I don't know. That's really what it's about." And, it's true. And now I'm looking at all the faces I don't know and looking forward to getting to know them.

Becky Hellyer

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