Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Second Night - 8pm

So, the second night of the first weekend of 14/48 January 2009 is done. I'm sure Ben will come in behind me with his own fabulous blog comments about the show. Here are mine:

Sold out again - great energy. Fun riffs on the theme "Liquor is Quicker."

1. A twist on AA with four members of a different group embracing their alcoholism and the "success" it has brought them. Hilarious performances by all including Jon Lutyens as a hilarious martini swiller and Hillary Pickles as a pregnant lush.

2. A silent ballet of a high school love triangle set in the 80s and set to 80s music that featured the wonderful 14/48 band rising to the occasion brilliantly.

3. An ex-drinker (Katie Warren) runs into her ex-boyfriend (Anthony Winkler) on the subway and wants him and a drink.

4. Five women wake up in bed with each other post-drunken orgy - great brave performances by Kate Jaeger, Annie Lareau, Khahn Doan, Jaimie Roberts, and Imogen Love as the poor woman who took a power nap and missed the fun.

5. Mullin's dark and epic story of God's cruelty and seeming irrationality. I love it when a piece dares to strike an unusual and startling mood. Kudos to the director and cast for playing it straight and hard.

6. A script that is sometimes seen at 14/48 - a self-referential piece about a playwright with a cast and a theme who's trying to get his 14/48 script written. This one succeeds with its big, strong Broadway number.

7. A Medieval family waits for the return of the father, out slaying a mythical monster. Hilarious and a fabulous finish to the evening!

Really strong night - congratulations all!

I'm too old and too sober to stay for the after party.

Becky Hellyer

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