Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stuff I Ain't Never Seen Before

So, 14/48 participants start out all in one room and then, as the day progresses, they break up into groups and rooms and roles and finally, at about this time of day, each one is completely focused on his own process, his own task. This is how so many people miss knowing what is going on in the next room, or even in the next rehearsal. And this is how it is that I've never seen a band rehearsal or laid eyes on a director's meeting- both of which I got to see today!

The band rehearsal was like listening to a lovely conversation between friends - or people who are becoming friends. I sat up in the balcony and read my book and listened at the same time, enjoying the slow blending of instruments, the expertise of musicians who can hear a key and play a tune they've only heard a few times. Apparently, the band has a heavy load today. They have a ballet, a big musical number, a theme, and a bunch of cues. They talk to each other with instruments and shortcut musician language and Leslie Law's lovely voice. This is a part of 14/48 that I would totally eavesdrop on again - any time.

The director's meeting is when the directors sit around a table and, in order of their shows, make sure the stage manager knows all the needs - lights on the stairs at the end of a show, a bar that needs to be shared by two directors, a subway handle strap hanging from the ceiling, movement of set pieces, who needs the beer cans and how much and can they be open. These people look tired. Their jobs are almost over.

As Peter Dylan O'Connor just said, "I think it's time to open a beer!"

Becky Hellyer

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