Friday, January 16, 2009

Tech, Chicken, Beer and Beer

And also, beer. Yum. Let's talk about the combination of chicken and beer. Turns out. IT'S AWESOME!!! I just had dinner. Erin is back with a vengeance and workin' on postin' some photos. 

I got to see a little bit of tech earlier. Here are some highlights:

1-James moving a set piece with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

2-"Band! Quiet please!"

3-A toilet that couldn't be sat on, because it wasn't dry.

4-Quote of the day, "Where the hell's the toilet, I want my shirt back!" -James Frounfelter

5-"Band! Quiet please!"

6-Quote, "This is like choreographed chaos."

7-A crunch for time. SURPRISE!

8-"Band! Quiet please!" 

9-Poster sized origami.

10-Cindy tripping because a sombrero was blocking her view

Speaking of toilet paper... I just witnessed a fun moment. Picture this: Nick Garrison, sitting, eating a big ole' hunk of chicken. James Frounfelter comes up with toilet paper in hand. Then a very serious conversation about pre-set toilet paper commenced. All with a piece of chicken in Nick's hand. Is this funny to anyone else? Because it was to me. 

I also got to talk with Joanna Horowitz, the lead singer of tonight's band. She confided to me that they hadn't gotten to run half of their songs. Oh noes! What will happen!?!?! 20 minutes until the all company meeting! The tension is rising! Will we pull off another successful 14/48? I don't know!

Stay tuned....

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