Friday, January 9, 2009


I return to 14/48 after work just in time for dinner - pizza, soup, and salad. Nice. Being in the building at this time, 5:30pm or so, is like being in an insane asylum where you can't tell the crazy people from the staff. A person laughs and talks to you, you turn to respond, and it turns out they're not talking to you at all. They're running lines with an imaginary castmate. Or you ask someone a question and they're looking right through you as though you aren't in the room. And at the same time people are sewing costumes and making sure props are in order - completely sane. And then there are the moments that cross the line between insanity and sanity and you're not really sure which side of the line you're standing on:

Gary Menendez: We had to go buy another dildo. I tell them, "We want your cheapest, largest dildo." I've had to do this three times for 14/48.
Stan Shields: Yeah, because they keep disappearing. That big black one was around for the cast party and it got passed around and it just never came back.

Alex Samuels: I had a thought about you, Becky, and 14 pounds of beef brisket. (And he's not crazy or kidding.)

Lisa Viertel: I'm a princess. (She's wearing a pink tutu at the time.)

Peter Dylan O'Connor: If you plan to go up to the artist's viewing area, go with Alyssa so she can show you. If you take a wrong turn, we'll never find you.

And it's weirdly calm for dinner and the company meeting at 7:00pm. I'm not sure if it's a good sign or a bad sign or a sign at all. Looking for "signs" is a little crazy, after all.

Becky Hellyer

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