Saturday, January 17, 2009

14/48 Low Down for Saturday

The Plays

Play 1: "More" by Drew Katzman
Director: David Bennett
1 Male 3 Female

with Alex Samuels
Marcy Rodenborn
Christina Mastin
Stacey Bush

Play 2: "Todd Schuster, Hero" by Keri Healey
Director: Matthew Richter
1 Male, 2 Female

with Ben Gonio
Marty Mukhalian
Jill Snyder

Play 3: "A Flame In Your Heart" by Patrick Scott
Director: Nick Garrison
1 Male, 1 Female

with Rob Jones
Shannon Kipp

Play 4: "Worldwide Stuff, Incorporated" by Joy McCullough-Carranza
Director: "Andy Jensen
4 Male, 0 Female

with Stephen Hando
Chris Bell
John Paulsen
Nik Perleros

Play 5: "A Whole New World" by Darian Lindle
Director: Sheila Daniels
1 Male, 3 Female

with Tracy Hyland
Karen Jo Fairbrook
Mik Kuhlman
Brandon Ryan

Play 6: "Sudden Inexpressible" by Scotto Moore
Director: "Basil Harris & Gillian Jorgensen
1 Male and 2 Female

with Michael "Bama" Katt
Betsy Schwartz
Amanda Lee Williams

Play 7: "Of Queens and Frogs" by Scot Augustson
Director: Mark Fullerton
3 Male, 2 Female

with Darragh Kennan
Jose Amador
David Lewis
Shanna Allman
Leticia Jaramillo

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