Saturday, January 17, 2009

Creepily Watching the Band from the Shadows

I decided to go into the theater and watch the band, because I never have and am totes interested.

Brendan Hogan is talking about one of the plays, trying to describe it so everyone's on the same page and can pick the right music for it. It also has a start up sound for Windows that needs to be figured out. There are quite a few sound cues but are done by the actors onstage. Maybe add a few distorted guitar twangs here and there. I count 7 band members in this discussion, not including the purdy singin' Joanna who dashed upstairs to find out something...from someone. The mood is light and fun as the guys give each other shit and try to hash it all out. Oh I see another woman in the band! Who is that? She was not here yesterday. I wonder if she is in the band, or a band helper. I can't say band-aid because I was reminded yesterday that that is a totally different thing involving sexytimes.

Well...who knows. She could be a band-aid. I don't know her life.

There will be a company sing-a-long to "The Rainbow Connection" at the end of play 7. How should it go? When should everyone come onstage to sing? Is this the curtain call music too? Maybe we should stay on that and rock it up a little bit.

When should the trumpet fanfare happen?

Director Sheila Daniels comes in to discuss play 5 and needs something that sounds like an alarm clock baby. I don't really know what they are talking about. A Whole New World comes after the ________ in the end. She's talking softly and I am in the back.

Joanna has come back to report that there's a show that needs some music to sound like a news broadcast, as well as cell phone sounds, and a triumphant capitalistic celebratory march, but not patriotic. She says, Did you mean Godless America? The director said no. The band takes note and moves on. Gotta think on that one.

I'm going to step away and come back to see what they've decided on in a bit.

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