Friday, January 9, 2009

Starting with Peter, above, who means fucking business, here are some photos from this morning's selection of actors by directors, and the ensuing rehearsals. If you see someone you know and/or like, just click on them and you'll be taken to a magical place where you and that person can be together. More to come!

Mazen-award winning Brian Faker!
George Mount!
David Gasner!
Opal Peachey!
Tina LaPlante!
Nicole Boyer-Cochran!
Don Fleming!
The Dream Team!
Alex Samuels!
Cucumbers! Don't ask.
Charles Smith and Stan Shields!

Lots of people!
Lots of people!
Don Fleming!
Kate Jaegar and Hillary Pickles! The two best names in 14/48.

Alan Echison and Eric Lane Barnes!

Jon Lutyens!
Opal Peachey!
I can't tell who this is, because ACT's Vault is the worst place to rehearse a play in the world. But there are some jeans in one of the safety deposit boxes.

Adam Moomey and Alyssa Byer!

Liz Cocco and Peter O'Connor!

Lots of people!
Lots of people!

COME TO THE SHOW TONIGHT AND TOMORROW NIGHT. Get tickets here. You won't regret it.

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