Friday, January 16, 2009


Morning Meeting:

Only 11 tickets left for the 8pm show.

Now 10.

Darian is smiling now.

There is a sleepy feeling in the room. Peter calls attention to it and everybody makes a pathetic WOOO noise.

Coffee, people. Coffee.

Actors are picked. Everyone shuffles off to their respective rehearsal spaces throughout the huge building.

Back at the office:
There is an actor that is not here. Shawn Belyea is not freaking out. Just heard him making a phone call . The search is on for a new man, if they don’t hear from him in the next 30 minutes. (Should I call him out? Hmmm…)

What should we do? Evan Mosher acts. He’s in the band. But he could do it. Scotto Moore wrote, but he took the day off and he could act.

Ah, what? There’s 2 men missing now. We should go from in house. Let’s try to make it work with what we have in front of us.

Wait, call Jose Amador. Is he working today? I think he took the day off.

“Yo Yo, Jose Amador. Wake up. And come be an actor in 14/48. Call me. Or Peggy. Do it.”

Scotto will take the place of one.

Jose has left a message to say he could do it as well. Be here as soon as you can! You'll be in Matt Richter's play.

HANG ON! It's the actor that didn't show. He's on the phone. He thought it was a Saturday Sunday Affair. Thought the meeting was tonight, not Thursday night. Get here as quick as you can.

Jose is off the hook. Props to the man for being willing to drop in like that.

WAIT. Hold the phone. Scotto has to write tonight. He'll do it, but if there's someone else, maybe they should do it.

JOSE! Come down. You are needed once more.

Props also to Mr. Scotto for being willing to drop in like that.

Crisis averted.

(just want to point out how smooth and non-scary this little scene was. I sat here the whole time listening to everything and no one freaked, no one got pissed. everyone involved was pretty smooth about the whole thing. I guess that's what happens when you've been running a festival for over 10 years.)

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Woman in Mind said...

It freaked me out reading it!