Friday, January 16, 2009

1st Act Friday Night

Nice plays so far. Can't help but give a shoutout to the cast of Never Kill a Caterwauling Crane God, and other Life Lessons. They just ran ALL OVER this theatre. I can't even count how many characters Stephen Hando played. FANTASTIC. 

The audience seems to be enjoying themselves. We're in play #4 right now, and there's a giant bed onstage with a bunch of men coming in and out of it. I'd say a successful night for the theme, "Why Women Gotta Be Like That?" Congrats to all participants of 14/48 2nd weekend day 1, 2009. 

As you might be guessing, I'm slowly losing energy. I'll be leaving at intermission and letting Erin take over from here. I get to act tomorrow, and I couldn't sleep last night due to to much excitement! My bed and I will soon be together again.

14/48 blogger Amanda Lee over and out!

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