Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bits of words from the day-

“I have three lines today” –
“Have you seen the disco ball?”
Peggy says “Nobody has that look in their eyes.” Which bodes very well.
I see the disco ball it is in half and DUSTY!
In Base Camp all is pretty calm. Things appear to be going smoothly. Jim Jewell requests more salad dressing and sends a runner.
“Is it too early for Glenleviet?”
It is amazing to watch this festival go together.
I can hear the band rehearsing in the theatre , the sound of plans being made, props being made, the sound of radio/walkie-talkies going off.
“Toliet paper and tampons,” says Mr. James Frounfelter.
And apparently there is no door today and that makes him a happy camper.

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