Thursday, January 8, 2009


Jodi Paul announces that Brian Faker is the winner of the Mazen award this weekend. I love it when a winner is described as being difficult - difficult people are sometimes the best people, I think. And when Brian takes the stage he says, "This is so sweet because I know how much you all hate me. It's kind of like Bush's Farewell tour!" And he tells us how he hates theater but loves people who make theater. And I'm remembering that he was my first director when I was a virgin writer. Quite an introduction to 14/48 for me! And then he chooses the theme - Neutralize the Threat.

Becky Hellyer


the beige one said...

Congratulations, Faker!

And hello, Becky, look forward to your words this weekend.

Woman in Mind said...

We missed you there, Jose!