Friday, January 16, 2009

Opening night energy!

Well, the air is buzzing with excitement! I can't wait to see what I've been witnessing all day!

Actor's have been fed. The company meeting has happened. And places have been called!

It's 8:04 right now, and it is jam packed! I really enjoy the diverse audience that 14/48 pulls in. 

Soon, a new theme will be pulled. Llysa Holland told me that she put in the theme, "Mine, all mine!" Tonight's theme, just a reminder, is "Why women gotta be like that?" Kate Jaeger has been pinned as being responsible for that theme. She did not put it in the ice cream cone however. She wants me to note that. She can't help what hilarious things come out of her mouth! What will it bring?

The band just came out! Man, they are PURTY! 2 trumpets! Joanna Horowitz sings their original cover of, "Why women gotta be like that?" We've got a panda mask, a yellow fro and  a marching band uniform.

Here come's the illustrious Matt Richter! And currently he's in the dark. Get a light on that man! He's to amazing to be in the dark! UH OH! We're back in the hands of the very capable hands of the 14/48 Band!! 

And the plays begin! 

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