Saturday, January 17, 2009

HALF TIME with Erin

I mean intermission. It's a great show! I watched the first act from the stairs, because this hizzy is PACKED. Leotards, records, cubicles and toilet paper. But so much more....

Really? You're not here? Oh, what? You're reading this blog?

Well let me tell you something: If you are reading this very well written blog, in your sweatpants in between wikipedia searches, you are missing out on something fabulous, my friend! So, you know what? You are not that smart. I know I don't know all of you, and it's presumptuous of me to judge (some of you i know, so my judgement is just) but you don't know where it's at! You're missing it! What could be more fun than being here and watching this show???

(If you are coming to the 10:30 then nevermind.)

2 mintes to places.

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