Saturday, January 17, 2009


So now, since my picture show FINALLY UPLOADED, I am sitting down at tech in the theater. I almost don't want to be in here because I don't want to give anything away. So I'll be all secret-like.

There is a VERY long music cue, which I walked in during. It went on forever. It's supposed to, but it went on extra long because the band was waiting for lights to cut them off, and lights were waiting for the band to stop first. Ha. Now they've gotten it down and decide to move to the end of the play. I was just informed that they are in the middle of play 2 of 7. I was also informed that someone bought glue sticks instead of hot glue gun sticks. Oops.

Let's talk bout how James Frounfelter is on top of it. Pretty much always. Or he seems like it. Last summer when I acted for the festival, the leg buckled on the table I was sitting on with another actor. It happened right before the lights went up, so James threw himself underneath of it and held the thing in place so we wouldn't fall. He was hidden from the audience by the masking around it, and even we, on top of the broken table, had no idea he was under there.

Crazy good, right?

Ok, play 3 is in now. Nick Garrison is the director and is patiently trying to work all of his sound cues out. There's a bunch, both practical and not. The band is quietly discussing things while the actors sit on stage in a makeshift office thing. The pencil sharpener sound is hard to do, since it is done by Brendan from over in the band area. He's got a computer and a bunch of sound effects.

I didn't know we could do sound effects?

Other than that, just lights up lights down. I have my video camera with me but again, I don't want to give shit away. I am hoping to get some interviews done after this. I want to get some "personal stories."

I'm actually surprised at the canned music being used. There's not a lot of it, but it sticks out to me because i've never heard it at a 1448. Oh it's being done from onstage. He's got an ipod speaker thing. So he's doing it from there. Got it. Interesting.

My battery is going to die. Will charge and update soon.

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