Saturday, January 17, 2009

Director's Meeting 3:00pm


3 live music moments in first play. With choreography.

Projection screen.

The dog dies at the end of mine.

Just kidding, there's no dog.

Lots of lights, up lights down.

We need staplers and pens and a pencil sharpener.

No intro music.

No set, really. No mirror ball. Anymore.

Make your play less funny because ours is really sad. And people will already be crying. I would prefer a practical pencil sharpener. We only need the one table. Can the chords from the laptop be taped? Who is using that acting cube? Where's the banner? Motivational posters? Well, it's not a big deal. The cigar is not being lit. We can't use the balcony? Or can we use the balcony. How many dresses on sticks are there? We need two crowns. They need to be under the bench. I don't know where you are in props, but I could love to have 2 paper back copies of Romeo and Juliet. And we need privacy for a quick change. She is going to be topless, Ok? Are you guys happy now? We need someone to do the Prom Announcement guy. We need a squawk. At the end of the show, we need to sing Rainbow Connection. Can we sing through it? At tech? Are you serious? Let's do it at the meeting. I need artists around to clap when the actor claps. Anything else? We have 10 minutes until we tech the first show. I'll let you know if we are running behind. And come to the 7:00 meeting! Goodbye!!

I need one wooden chair.

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