Friday, January 9, 2009

8pm show was awesome!

Blogging is awesome. My girlfriend is rubbing my shoulders between shows. She's a true volunteer. She knows how hard it is, to watch rehearsals all day, to responsibly contribute to the draining of the 14/48 keg all day, to listen to inside jokes and try and interpret them ALL....DAY...

the 8pm show was officially fucking rad. 7 plays, 0 bombs. Every play was worth watching. From the perspective of the random audience member, that's all that really counts...I mean, I didn't actually PAY to watch the show, but if i HAD paid the measly ticket fee of $20 (for advance tix, $25 at the door -- so you should probably buy tickets online RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE, shouldn't you?) --- let me start my run-on sentence over. If i HAD paid the measly ticket fee to see tonight's 14/48, at no point would i have asked myself, "Ben, what the fuck did I just pay money for?" It was that good.

And better! Play 1 entailed a married couple, a condo rep, and a disturbed honky, all fighting over the future of a mysteriously large concrete courtyard. It was ghostly in its drama, hilarious in how serious it asked us to take it. Big ups to the harmonica player who suddenly became a character in the play.

Number 2 was a sweetly awkward tale of a female agoraphobe, who overcomes her fear of the outside world with the help of a relatively effeminate and (frankly) unsettlingly friendly neighbor. There was also a dude in his pajamas who played the lazy demon in her mind.

Play 3 was an 8-part duel between two nerds, played completely in reverse. It started with the death of one at the hands of another, via swords, and ended with them sitting on their asses one afternoon, bored. Perfect.

The climax before intermission (also known as number 4) was a slightly original and....okay fine, very endearing tale of a violent little girl, the lovestruck boy she makes her victim, and the life coaches that try and make everything better.

After the break was Paul Mullin Paul Mullin Paul Mullin Paul Mullin Paul Mullin Paul Mullin Paul Mullin Paul Mullin Paul Mullin Paul Mullin. One of the stars just asked me to retitle the show, "Paul Mullin Masturbates, featuring Shawn Belyea". Yeah. Ya had to be there. I'll explain more tomorrow.

The penultimate (good word!) show was a political drama about a woman being vetted for public office, which either evolved or devolved into homoerotic slapstick. I'll let the 10:30 show be the judge of whether it evolved or devolved.

Finally, an extremely strange parable that taught us a message about women, and, well, life: we may complain about problems, and how everyone's the enemy, and we may turn to drugs and sex to cope, but...well...actually, I'm not sure what the message was. But it was damned funny! And there was a foot-long double-dildo. I'm NOT sitting in the front row for the 10:30pm show.

Speaking of! It starts in 9 minutes! We have another packed house waiting, and we shan't keep them. More info, more recaps of these kickass shows, more photos, and, hopefully, more wonderful audience LIKE YOU --- all tomorrow.

Buy your tickets to Saturday January 10th's 14/48 NOW! Our 8pm show is almost sold out, so I'd move fast. GET THEM NOW!

P.S. Check out this picture of Paul Mullin, wherein he looks like Aragorn.

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