Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lineup for tonight! Heard it here first.

Didn't i tell you he was talented? Jesse Parce, ladies. And gentlemen.

Here's the lineup for tonight! Get your tickets for the 10:30pm show HERE!

The theme: Liquor is Quicker.

1) Jerry Kraft's Alcoholics Anomalous, directed by Tina La Plant, featuring Gordon Carpenter, Trou Fischnaller (NOT playing Paul Mullin), John Lutyens, and Hillary Pickles.

2) Celene Ramadan's Pliein', directed by David Gassner, featuring Charles Smith, Michael Patten, and Jennifer Jasper.

3) Anita Montgomery's A Case of You, directed by Nicole B. Cochran, featuring Anthony Winkler and Kaitie Warren (sans goatee).

4) Paul S. and K. Brian N.'s Chase Her, directed by Opal Peachey (also the name of the drink that my friends mock me for ordering), featuring Imogen Love, Khanh Doan, Kate Jaeger, Annie Lareau, and Jaime Roberts.

Intermission! Drink beer. Buy more tickets.

5) Paul Mullin's "You Know Who"s Been Drinking Again, directed by George Mount, featuring Juniper Berolzheimer (bless you), Stan Shields, Mark Boeker, and Shawn "The Law" Law

6) Louis Broome's Strange Attractors, directed by Brian Faker, featuring Andrew McMasters, Aaron Washington, and Erin Stewart.

7) Glenn Hergenhahn's Peace for the Children, directed by Don Fleming, featuring Magan Ahiers, Lisa Veirtel, Peggy Gannon, Shane Regan and Charles "Pilot Manwearing" Leggett.

Come see! It'll be brilliant. I personally guarantee your spiritual awakening. if you find the right sightlines. So get there early! Tickets are right here.

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