Saturday, January 10, 2009


The life of a 14/48 blog contributor:

Every once in a while, someone stops what they are saying, looks at me and says, "Oh, jeez, you're blogging! You're not going to put that on the blog, are you?"

How could anyone think I would do that? Idle gossip, repeating things I've heard one artist say about another, telling tales - this could destroy delicate relationships that are budding here at the festival. I mean, I hear about crushes and baby names and lactation and professional differences - confessions of all kinds. I would NEVER.

But, I will tell you that Imogen Love and Alex Samuels discovered over lunch that they went to the same college. During the same period of time. Knew many of the same people. And they think that it's possible that they've slept together. Maybe. At least, that's how I heard it.

Becky Hellyer


Paul said...

Let's go, Becky. You can bring more sleaze than that. Turn this f%$ker inside out!

Woman in Mind said...

Oh Paul.