Saturday, January 17, 2009

Following the Plays...

I am silently stalking Darian and Tracy and we are lost… trying to find the blue room. Tracy calls Shelia and we are literally a few steps away.

A whole new world. Play #5. Directed by Shelia Daniels written by Darian Lindle.

Darian is going to add in a couple lines because the actresses are right for it. I wonder what that means.

"A whole new world was totally my prom's theme," says Tracy Hyland.

Now to the quite reading. A few scattered chuckles. Discussion of "A Whole New World" being stuck in ones head for the whole day.

"I like your use of commas," says Brandon. Followed up by, "It took me 3 minutes to read it, did it take you 3 minutes to write it?"

Now I am curious. About the commas.

First read-through finished - the casting sticks... and I roll...

Moving to play #2 directed by Matthew Richter written by Keri Healy.

First thought, it is cold here by the door... eck! (this is the Ackerly Forum)

The play sounds serious the tone in the room is hushed. They finish the reading.

"God, this is such a beautiful play."

Is the first comment after reading. That is a great thing to hear.
Tears are even in eyes.

Ben Gonio begins to tell a lovely story - that I can only catch pieces of - relating to the play.
"What you really love about it, is that it just didn't make sense," he says. Speaking about gifts that he was given from a relative (I believe he said his Great Aunt, but this space EATS sound).

In comes Peter to this - checking and verifying the spelling of names. I move on.

Now to Scott O'Moore's 3pg play? Play #6 directed by Basil.
"Lights Fade" "and that is when the theramen solo begins"

"Staging is going to be pretty straight forward... I mean we are in a cave..."

and busting into this quite stage discussion - comes the lilting sound of a cellphone.

And then after intense discussion of the feeling of the clothes and the world - comes the first penis reference. And then the discussion devolves into penis this penis that - escalating into the thought of large penis props and so forth.

Back at Base Camp.

Amanda comes running in needing a pencil. I don't have a pencil. But, Peter does. Go Peter.

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