Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday 2nd day 2nd weekend.

Morning. Quite. Soft conversation, gentle script perusal –
I spy red colored bagels. I don’t know how I feel about red colored bagels.
I have just been schooled in my location. I am in Base Camp – a name coined by my fellow blogger Ms Amanda Williams.
And here in Base Camp you learn about the code of 1448.
I overhear Peggy and Peter having a slightly hushed conversation about lateness. My ears perk. It seems as though people this year have not been as heedful of the concept of promptness; timeliness. It has gotten worse, I overhear.
“You know, when this happened in the past we had people do horrible things…”
“So, should we reinstate that?”
“Yes – starting today. PUNISHMENT!”
PUNISHMENT! You latecomers. You believers in flexible time.
It shall not go unnoticed.
You have a stark cold taste of reality coming your way. You shall be schooled in the etiquette of 1448. Be warned.
I overhear:
“I want it to be… that the are not disturbed that he died.”
“OH, YEAH – totally,” is the response.
And lastly, 1448 is about, “Having a Groovy Time.”
Stated by Peter…
Also – overheard “… a three page play…”

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