Saturday, January 17, 2009


Alex is dressed in a, shall we say, snug leotard. James is screaming for his radio, it is in his pocket.

Jodie is dressed in his wonderful 1448 jacket. Peggy is continually saying the theme of yesterday's show "Why women gotta BE like that?". Actors are in varying stages of dress and make-up.

I learned to toss toilet paper correctly.

Harvey is being burped.

Whiskey is being poured into flasks. Mik is looking for her Shakespeare book.

Matthew Richter says, "Anyone seen a unicorn head?"

Jim Jewell is still working making the food happen.

Flasks are now being swapped.

Stacy Bush is wearing a dapper outfit.

10 minutes - was just called out.

10 minutes.

I will throw 2 rolls of tp, and I will assist Mik in getting into a pink pretty dress.

Jodi says, "You see me coming, but you didn't see THE NINJA coming."

Peggy says, "Why HARVEY gotta be like that."

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Anonymous said...

The unicorn hat was appropriated by the band.