Saturday, January 10, 2009

This is fantastic Seattle actor Jesse Parce. So far today I've been offering my expert skills as a driver of cars, procurer of switchblade knives, and now I am helping out with the blog. One of my favorite things about 14/48 is overhearing stuff that has no reasonable context except that it has something to do with putting up 14 original plays in 48 hours. Some of the best so far today: "'You got all you need for pregnancy?' 'yeah, but I don't have the belly for it.'", "That's OK, she's a Viking", "Does this football smell like a urinal cake?". As funny as it is to hear people say stuff like that, it's even funnier to see other people respond with an understanding and go get 'em attitude. Plus Ben and I got up and ran around the theatre for a bit shadowboxing as the band played Eye of the Tiger. I love my job.

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