Friday, January 16, 2009

The List for "Why Women Need To Be Like That"

Directors have drawn their writers, and the collaboration has begun.

Play #1: Scot Augustson
3 Male, 1 Female
Director: Christina Mastin

Play #2: Joy McCullough Carranza
1 Male, 2 Female
Director: Mark Fullerton

Play #3: Darian Lindle
2 Male, No Ladies
Director: David Bennett

Play #4: Patrick Scott
3 Male, 1 Female
Director: Matt Richter

Play #5: Scotto Moore
No Mens, 3 Ladies
Director: Andy Jensen

Play #6: Keri Healy
1 Male, 2 Female
Director: Nick Garrison

Play #7: Drew Katzman
2 Male, 3 Female
Director: Sheila Daniels

I do not know tities (yes that is a typo. i will leave it in, but start over)

I do not know TITLES, but will post them if and when I find out.

Also, I am going of the first list of the day, in which names may be misspelled. Is that how you spell misspelled?

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