Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, Jan 10's shows w/ photos!

**I fixed the photo lists, there are now photos from Paul Mullin's " 'You Know Who's Been Drinking Again". Enjoy! BUY TICKETS TO THE FINAL WEEKEND OF 14/48 RIGHT HERE!**

I'll leave it up to Becky to wax philosophical about tonight's batch of 14/48 craziness. Instead, I'll stick to what I do best: posting photos and telling you how much you need to see this goddamn show.

Get your tickets to next weekend's show! They COMPLETELY sold out in advance this time around, so you'd better get them now, at ACT's website, HERE.

Before posting, I'd also like to thank ACT's Central Heating Lab, for making it possible for us to host this awesome conglomeration of talent, camaraderie, and frivolity.

The shows, ladies and gents!

Pre-show grub, thanks to Bizarro Italian Cafe. They have 1/2 price house wines every Monday for theatre artists! Jodi-Paul Wooster will hook you up.

Christopher Comte becomes superman by drinking beer and filling up beer....AT THE SAME TIME.

Christopher proudly shows us his meat.

The band kicks ass as always.

1) Jerry Kraft's Alcoholics Anomalous, directed by Tina La Plant, featuring Gordon Carpenter, Trou Fischnaller (NOT playing Paul Mullin), John Lutyens, and Hillary Pickles.

2) Celene Ramadan's Pliein', directed by David Gassner, featuring Charles Smith, Michael Patten, and Jennifer Jasper. See the full video on the blog below!

3) Anita Montgomery's A Case of You, directed by Nicole B. Cochran, featuring Anthony Winkler and Kaitie Warren (sans goatee).

4) Paul S. and K. Brian N.'s Chase Her, directed by Opal Peachey (also the name of the drink that my friends mock me for ordering), featuring Imogen Love, Khanh Doan, Kate Jaeger, Annie Lareau, and Jaime Roberts.

5) Paul Mullin's "You Know Who"s Been Drinking Again, directed by George Mount, featuring Juniper Berolzheimer (bless you), Stan Shields, Mark Boeker, and Shawn "The Law" Law

6) Louis Broome's Strange Attractors, directed by Brian Faker, featuring Andrew McMasters, Aaron Washington, and Erin Stewart.

7) Glenn Hergenhahn's Peace for the Children, directed by Don Fleming, featuring Magan Ahiers, Lisa Veirtel, Peggy Gannon, Shane Regan and Charles "Pilot Manwearing" Leggett.

Tim Hyland thanks us all in silhouette. Thanks to YOU all! Buy your tickets to next week's 14/48 if you want in on the awesomeness. Get them by clicking

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Woman in Mind said...

I defy ANYone to wax philosophical at the tail end of 14/48! But it was fun blogging with you, Ben. Thanks for letting me use your computer!