Saturday, January 17, 2009

it's that weird time

It's that weird time that comes after lunch, when there's about an hour until the director's meeting. Do we do a run? Do we work stuff? after the meeting it's tech. This might be the only time we have to actually work that one part.

I have wandered up to the 3rd floor, just outside the Buster rehearsal foyer, in hopes of getting a stronger internet connection so i can upload another slideshow. They have the doors shut, but I can hear loud voices saying the same lines of text over and over.

WORK it.

I just got a little bit of footage of the band trying to teach the melody of "A Whole New World" to those that didn't know it. I'll put it up as soon as the damn slide show is done.

***************************MIK KUHLMAN IS AWESOME************************************

It's called unexpected real good massage. Thanks Mik!

Also, *********************JIM JEWELL IS ALSO AWESOME**********************************

It's called a fantastic delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Thank you, Jim!

People are spread out all over. I hear Sheila Daniels talking with her actors just below me. I hear voices I don't recognize behind the doors to my left. On my way upstairs I saw Gillian Jorgensen and her delicious child hanging out while her actors were off memorizing.

I think Sheila just said "I want you to take the fish...while you're walking...and set it."

5 hours down, 6 to go. And the shows are sold out, I believe.

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