Friday, January 16, 2009

Dinner Mc. Dinnerson

Ah. Back from work. I haven't been around for 5 hours and boy does it feel weird! I feel like I missed something, not having been part of the hubbub for so long. I see lots of actors in costume - "Please do not eat in your costumes, they are borrowed" - and many directors trying to sneak some salad or chicken while they still try to work on their play that will be put up in 2 hours and 12 minutes. The spread looks quite delicious, and although I am pretty hungry m'self, I think i'll stay out of the way for a bit while everyone who's actually been here can chow down after waiting in a long line of hunger.

Shawn Law has plunked down next to me. He is doing crew for this shindig and says it's been pretty smooth. There's one that apparently has tons of hand offs to offstage and requires a record amount of crew back there.

The beer is flowing nicely and although I have just been here for about 15 minutes, I'm going in for a second.

I will now post photos from earlier that I didn't get a chance to since I had to be out of here for a bit.

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