Saturday, January 10, 2009

The morning after.

As if I'd gone to bed with a mid-80s Michael Douglas, and not known at the time whether it was a good idea or a terrible one, I woke up today and had a moment of reflection. And (just like I'd hope I would, had I actually slept with mid-80s Michael Douglas) my heart told me that the night before had been a good idea. I know what you're asking yourself! 'Ben, was it Michael Douglas from Wall Street? Or Michael Douglas from Romancing the Stone?' To which I say, You're stupid. Of course it was Romancing the Stone. He was so enticing, so vivacious, so rugged, and yet full of passion and soul. Plus he swore a lot.


I hate to say I'll write more later, but I can't do more now. So 14/48 volunteer and fantastic Seattle actor Jesse Parce will, later today.

I can tell you, though, that tonight is going to be amazing. You should come. Come. Buy tickets.

So! Here are photos from each show!

1) The Courtyard by Paul S. and Brian N., directed by Brian Faker, featuring Charles Leggett, Andrew McMasters, Peggy Gannon, and Juniper Berolzheimer.

2) Turn of the Century by Anita Montgomery, directed by George Mount, featuring Annie Lareau, Anthony Winkler, and Aaron Washington.

3) Dullette by Celene Ramadan, directed by David Gasner, featuring Charles Smith and Stan Shields.

4) Step Lightly, My Love by Glenn Hergenhahn, directed by Opal Peachy, featuring Imogen Love, Erin Stewart, Shawn Law and Mark Boeker

5) Global Risk Management Services by Paul Mullin, directed by Tina La Plant, featuring Troy Fishnaller, Jon Lutjens, Shane Regan and Kaitie Warren

6) Full Disclosure by Jerry Kraft, directed by Nicole B. Cochran, featuring Michael Patten, Khanh Doan and Gordon Carpenter

7) Revelations by Louis Broome, directed by Don Fleming, featuring Kate Jaeger, Jenifer Jasper, Megan Ahiers, Hilary Pickles and Lisa Viertel
*I'm sorry ladies, I feel bad that i don't have more photos of this one. that's 14/48 though...if you want to see more rehearsal and tech photos, let me or John Ulman know.

And then! The following:

The band rocks out.
Tim Hyland indulges in his soft-serve craving, and simultaneously selects tonight's theme, written by a random audience member: LIQUOR IS QUICKER.

See? 14/48 is a conversation-starter.

Jealous? you should be. These people had a shot at the dream: selecting the next 14/48 theme.

After the show, Kaitie Warren sports her Prince look. Paul Mullin, be not proud.

Tapped. Killed. Drunk.

Dante Olivia Smith gets a phatty of a fat lip after the show. I think she got it fighting a dragon.

Come tonight! Get tickets here.

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