Friday, January 9, 2009


Heard it here first. Tonight at 8pm, and again at 10:30pm, here's the lineup of plays, all about 'Neutralizing the Threat':

1) The Courtyard by Paul S. and Brian N., directed by Brian Faker, featuring Charles Leggett, Andrew McMasters, Peggy Gannon, and Juniper Berolzheimer.

2) Turn of the Century by Anita Montgomery, directed by George Mount, featuring Annie Lareau, Anthony Winkler, and Aaron Washington.

3) Dullette by Celene Ramadan, directed by David Gasner, featuring Charles Smith and Stan Shields.

4) Step Lightly, My Love by Glenn Hergenhahn, directed by Opal Peachy, featuring Imogen Love, Erin Stewart, Shawn Law and Mark Boeker


5) Global Risk Management Services by Paul Mullin, directed by Tina La Plant, featuring Troy Fishnaller, Jon Lutjens, Shane Regan and Kaitie Warren

6) Full Disclosure by Jerry Kraft, directed by Nicole B. Cochran, featuring Michael Patten, Khanh Doan and Gordon Carpenter

7) Revelations by Louis Broome, directed by Don Fleming, featuring Kate Jaeger, Jenifer Jasper, Megan Ahiers, Hilary Pickles and Lisa Viertel

Big ups to design team and stage crew: Dante Olivia Smith, Gary Menendez, Michael Mowery, Katie Hansen, Beth Matthiessen, Ray Gonzales, and Julia Griffin, and KRAFT SERVICES by Alex Samuels and Karen Jo Fairbrook.

James H. Frounfelter will be SMing, if you know what I mean, and the band is made of Jason Anderson, Eric Lane Barnes, Alan Echison, Leslie Law, Charles Leggett and Tim Moore.

If I left you off the mention list above, it's not because you don't deserve thanks for your wonderful work, it's because I'm technically still at work and now I have to actually go do some.


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