Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hard at Work - images from daytime 14/48

Festival Director Alan Bryce working on Liz Heffron's piece, "For Whom the Bell Jar Tolls"

Festival Designer Gary Menendez hard at work on a long day's design/build

14/48 Band Day 1: La Plante, Hogan, Lund and Witmer
Erin Stewart and Jose Amador in rehearsal for Scott Auguston's piece "We're Talking About Elaine"
Festival Designers at work: Derek Van Heel, Dante Olivia Smith, Michael Mowery
Band at work (go Mac!) Lund, La Plante, Hogan and Witmer
What to say here really? Teri Lazzara atop Andy Jensen directed by Alan Bryce with Kate Kraay and Festival Designer Gary Menendez working on Liz Heffron's "Farewell Andromeda" (Day 1)
Day 1 Festival Director Basil Harris going Kabuko for Celene Ramadan's "Vendetta Operetta"
All picture credits: David Baum

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