Monday, July 28, 2008

Of Course I Stayed Too Late


You should know that the 14/48 crew delivered a solid evening of top shelf work, you shoulda seen it. Each play had numerous stand out moments and performances, and listing them all, fuggedaboudit, I gotta work in the morning.

Thank you for reading, keep checking back as there are still more stunning pictures to put up, a couple more videos, and I will be giving birth live on this blog in the very near future. Look for the Name the Baby competition.

Major league thanks to Rob and Gina, who did some amazing work this weekend; Kerri Brown-Wooster and Deb Fialkow for general kick-ass-ery; Alex Samuels and Karen Jo Fairbrook for feeding all of us. And kudos to everyone from the running, design, tech crew to the actors, directors and writers from both weekends in maintaining the quality experience of the festival while transitioning to a new location.

Some final items for you:

Number of costumes checked out from the costume shop (representing both Seattle Shakespeare and Book-It), Sunday night alone: 63

It was revealed on Friday that 14/48 International now has a new location to add to its roster. Islamabad, Pakistan now joins London, England and...Is there another? I want to say there is, but oh well.

Here, however, is a video of the kids in Islamabad doing their bit:

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